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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Life is Beautiful

Story of a boy who was living in a Village with his family. However after few days he observed that he is not getting interest in anything. He started  moving here and there but still do not get enjoyment anywhere. He gets surprised that what is happening with him? He observed that others are happy and enjoying their life but he is not happy at all. He gets frustrated and depressed. Since people were busy in their works so could not give attentions to him.
His problem increased to level of suicide and he decided to finish his life and went near a river to jump.
He was about to jump then he observed a light near his vicinity. He felt that somebody is near to him but with an unknown face. That identity asked him why  are you going to die? What is your problem? The boy told that he is not getting any interest in anything and very much sad, with a heavy throat.  
Then that identity replied. Ok my dear friend I will solve all your problems  but you have to follow just four steps in your life. 
Step 1. : When you are at home then ask to your mother that whether she needs any help and you also want to learn cooking.
Step 2. : When you are in school then ask your teacher to help you to understand the subject and you also want to learn it like others. 
Step 3 : When you are with your friends then tell politely that you also want to join them in the games and also  ask that whether you can do any help to solve their problems.
Step 4: When you are alone then always think that everyone loves you and wants to help you whenever it is required.
The boy after listening these four steps decided to leave the idea of suicide and returned to home and started following these.
Now the Real magic was occurred in his life, he was enjoying with parents, his friends and got highest rank in his class. He was very happy but he could not understand the cause behind it. He again rushed to the river to search that strange light. He asked the reasons behind this and who changed his life to make him happy.
The Light smiled and answered my dear boy, normally  people think that life is their own property and it can be forcefully taken from GOD, but they are actually wrong. 
Life is a beautiful gift given by GOD and it moves by its energy only. My dear boy, you know, what was your earlier problem that you were expecting from others to come and talk to you, teach you and embrace you. You never tried to open your hands to take any initiatives in life. Life is moving by its own and we have to move along with it. Happiness comes by only realising it is there.

Thanks for reading it.

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  1. how true dear, if the light can help every human being like that, then how wonderful our universe will be??
    how beautiful it will be to live in such a society? i just wonder!!!!

  2. A very inspiring story. I loved it a lot..!! keep writing!!