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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Not a Traditional Husband

Before knitting the matter that happened, we have to ponder over the meaning behind the term, "The Traditional Husband". What do you mean by the term? OK, the answer may vary with persons, situations and a lot of other factors. Again traditionalism falls upon the gestures or the behaviors? Complacency or re-activeness? Cooperative or non-cooperative? Let's bring an end to all of these argues. Come to the point, I mean to the story-line. 
      The train was rushing with its highest zest to reach the destination. Seems it was competing with somebody to reach the goal and win the prize. Mrs Mishra and I were enjoying some salted dry fruits and a hot pour of coffee. All the nearby fellow passengers were still enjoying their post lunch nap (for some people travelling in train means sleeping and sleeping and only sleeping). Suddenly Mrs Mishra told me, " your's is not a traditional husband, Mrs Mohapatra," you are so lucky. I smiled at her words obviously with a pride heart. Manoj was near the entrance gate at that time. He is always fond of observing the snaky motion of the train, and the natural beauties zooming past by the side of the track. Again Mrs Mishra added to her gossip, Manoj is so caring to you throughout our journey, its quite visible. He cares for your every needs, even before your expressions. He is so simple at heart dear, quite unlike to a traditional husband material, care for their wives is not a word in those people's dictionary. Also, you two look alike, there so much similarities in both of yopur face. He is definitely a soul mate of yours. You two are just made for each other. He never orders you a thing for his own, never shouts at you. He is always smiling and soft spoken. God bless you both.

  While enjoying the flattering words about my husband, I am here thinking, ya I am the luckiest chap to have him in my life. He is there for everything in my life. To support me, to be my side, to help me in every front of our house hold chores. Even you will not believe, he cares for me just like my mother in my illness. He believes in me at the time when my own confidence betrays me. In short words, a friend, philosopher and guide. I think the more I write about him, the more it seems insufficient to describe him. I am showing my deepest gratitude to the Lord for blessing me with such a complete life partner.
   Hey dear, what are you thinking about? Ya, mmm, no, nothing. He was here, ya Manoj was asking me what was I thinking about. I just smiled at him with all my heart open and he seems to understand every bit of thoughts of mine. Mrs Mishra is just winking at me.

   Here is a pic of  me and my not so traditional Husband.

With Love,

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