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Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Mother

This was a poem I wrote (9th May, 2005) for her, only for her. She was there with me then. But then she is not with me now in her physical presence, but literally she consists the whole, the entire of my life.

Oh, What a peaceful appearance!
Pleasant personality, brilliant outlook!                  
     Amazing gesture!
Who is she?
She is my Mother.

My mother, the greatest soul,
my heartfelt pride,
she touches my whole soul.

Whenever I call "Maa",
it just echos me "aa".
Oh what a sweet word?
Towards her I just gets attarcted.

Every touch of her,
fills my body with a-
new determination,
and enriches my ambition.

With her every embrace,
my confidence boosts,
revitalizes me for my troubles.

Her presence in my life, just a glance,
brings me in a world of paradise,
A lovely feeling,
that only I can realize.

Even She is what for me,
I can't define.
Just fearing her dis-mission,
What would be my condition?

Seeing her glittering face,
I receive everlasting grace.
Her love for me I can't measure,
in the core of my heart, I can only treasure.

Every encouraging words of her,
I gain a new strength,
to march ahead in my life,
the lonely ferocious way,
uncountable thorns beneath.

She has the power to pluck the luck for me.
The much I express, it will become endless.

I am here in my life due to her,
Without her presence I can't live anymore.

She, a polestar in the stormy days of my life,
without her am just a dead body in live.

I adore Lord with the deepest gratitude,
for creating this undefinable relation,
in world abide.

Great U Mother,
an idol of sacrifice, a symbol of dedication,
examples of patience, perseverance,
an endless source of assurance.

With Love,