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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Life is Beautiful

Story of a boy who was living in a Village with his family. However after few days he observed that he is not getting interest in anything. He started  moving here and there but still do not get enjoyment anywhere. He gets surprised that what is happening with him? He observed that others are happy and enjoying their life but he is not happy at all. He gets frustrated and depressed. Since people were busy in their works so could not give attentions to him.
His problem increased to level of suicide and he decided to finish his life and went near a river to jump.
He was about to jump then he observed a light near his vicinity. He felt that somebody is near to him but with an unknown face. That identity asked him why  are you going to die? What is your problem? The boy told that he is not getting any interest in anything and very much sad, with a heavy throat.  
Then that identity replied. Ok my dear friend I will solve all your problems  but you have to follow just four steps in your life. 
Step 1. : When you are at home then ask to your mother that whether she needs any help and you also want to learn cooking.
Step 2. : When you are in school then ask your teacher to help you to understand the subject and you also want to learn it like others. 
Step 3 : When you are with your friends then tell politely that you also want to join them in the games and also  ask that whether you can do any help to solve their problems.
Step 4: When you are alone then always think that everyone loves you and wants to help you whenever it is required.
The boy after listening these four steps decided to leave the idea of suicide and returned to home and started following these.
Now the Real magic was occurred in his life, he was enjoying with parents, his friends and got highest rank in his class. He was very happy but he could not understand the cause behind it. He again rushed to the river to search that strange light. He asked the reasons behind this and who changed his life to make him happy.
The Light smiled and answered my dear boy, normally  people think that life is their own property and it can be forcefully taken from GOD, but they are actually wrong. 
Life is a beautiful gift given by GOD and it moves by its energy only. My dear boy, you know, what was your earlier problem that you were expecting from others to come and talk to you, teach you and embrace you. You never tried to open your hands to take any initiatives in life. Life is moving by its own and we have to move along with it. Happiness comes by only realising it is there.

Thanks for reading it.

With Love,

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Theft Well Planned

This story is about three friends, carefree, doing bizarre things to enjoy life the most but ranked top most in loyalty marked with friendship or any other fronts of life amidst the so called adversities so and so........

Ya, the story moves around three friends, Vikash, Pran and Prabhu in the era of 2000 to 2002 say. Till then they had tested all the basic bizarreness. Once an idea just popped up in Prabhu's mind leading all three of them to experience a theft, a real theft. Ya can't believe! I am telling exactly the same what you are thinking. Unfortunately I also didn't believe it the first time. How come should it be real? How come their conscience allowed them to nourish such an idiotic blasphemy? But the reality behind the scene was nothing, they just thought it and started to implement it in full-fledged.

Let's come to the planning, yes a fully cold blooded planning. First they had to decide the house or the person to rob or to execute their plan with. Yes and they found it, there was a master piece, one and only the richest one in their area, their dearest Kamu Bhai. All the three of them knew Kamu Bhai well from childhood. Then what else? Obviously after selection of the person the trio were very excited to execute their plan. Then the most awaited night came. The dark, dark night, abhorring of any star light. First one by one entered the terrace of Kamu Bhai's house through a pipe, obviously after jumping the fence. Quite filmy nah? But the worst part was that it was real. Then to search the things for. I mean then came the thought what to steal, so that it will touch the owner's consent. Eventually they took small things like calculator, (scientific and at that time quite a good stuff......) pen and like such small things. But again they were not happy. No it was not working. They should take some of the favourite stuffs of the owner. Yes here came the Glittering Gem, I mean the most adored, one and only a lavish Jhula (Swing, hanged from the ceiling and one among the luxuries of the riches).Truely that Jhula was the most liked stuff by Kamu Bhai and his family, basically by his father, the master of the house. So came the successful enjoyment of the plan and also concluding part of the story. So they took the Jhula and ran away with wide open hearts to enjoy the scene in the coming morning. In the next morning, people surrounded all over Kamu Bhai's two story house. What happened? Kamu Bhai's father was shouting like anything in the loudest possible voice, " where is my Jhula, who took it, bring it back at once", like this. Here came the most attractive part of the story, where the trio were also present there to enjoy the scene, I mean to watch the consequences of their past en-devour the most.
Then after a week or so when everything cooled down to a little order, the three friends went to Kamu Bhai and told him the whole story so far. Obviously returned the Jhula also.Then what was the reaction of Kamu Bhai?? That obviously is not a part of this story. Ha Ha Ha, wasn't it funny and interesting?

Friendship is so cool naa..........Dedicated to all my friends who inspired me for where I am now and for what I may be in my future....................

With Love,

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Anger Management

Anger Management

Keep a daily chart for one week for the questions below, the answers to which will help you manage emotions of anger, irritation, frustration, etc. more effectively. Review your progress at the end of each day and then at the end of one week. Having made your observations, make improvements for the next week. Keeping this chart for a month, will help you manage and overcome your anger much better.
1. During which event today did you get angry or irritated...even a little?
2. What was the type of your thoughts at that time?
3. Which negative thought/thoughts contributed to your stress the most?
4. What positive thoughts helped you to regain your calmness and composure?
5. How long did it take to regain your calmness?
6. Why did it take so long to regain your peace?
7. What would you do differently and more appropriately if the same scene happened tomorrow? 

So Make a list and laugh and laugh and laugh more to reduce your anger...........
With Love,

Monday, 23 January 2012

Preeti Shenoy

"If I could invite anybody for 'tea for two' today it would undoubtedly be  me and my lovely Preeti di enjoying the every sip of it and I could now even able to sense the warmth of the tea complemented very well  with the hot topic we are discussing. I will just sink deep and deep within the vastness and lovely words of Preeti di and lost myself completely in another imaginary world.oh, how amazing experience? 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fear - Its only within YOU

This incident happened with me when I was in class 9th. Our high school was celebrating its golden jubilee ceremony and the hon. Governor of the state was to come for the function.  As usual with every school, our school was also getting ready to put its best foot forward by planning several cultural programs. One of them was a mythological drama called “Sharpa Medha Yajna” (a sacred fire to destroy snakes). This mythological story narrates the life and times of a king called ‘Janmejaya’ who was the great grandson of ‘Arjuna’ the famous character from ‘Mahabharat’.
According to the story, Janmejaya’s father, king ‘Parikshit’ died because of snake bite. To avenge his father’s death, Janmejaya was performing this Yajna where he intended to wipeout all snakes from the face of the earth.
For the drama students, both boys and girls were selected to play different characters. But the big question was who will play the role of the king ‘Janmejaya’. At first nobody was ready to play the role. There was a buzz among the students that whoever plays the role of ‘Janmejaya’ will surely be bitten by a snake. Though this was discussed in a hush-hush tone among the students only, nobody dared to open their mouth in front of the teachers. Some students who were good in acting and singing pretended to have harsh tone because of cold; others committed such silly mistakes that our teacher was forced to eliminate them. As I was not of that good height, the role of the king at last came to me. I must say that I was first terrified to do the role but to impress our teachers and above all, the girls I decided to do that role.
I did not discuss about the gossips doing the rounds in the class with my parents. I wanted to be brave and show to everybody that I can do it. Some senior students of class 10th also told me in a sarcastic manner not to be afraid of snake bites, as one boy named ‘Shiva’ will cure me if something happens.
I practiced hard for the play and grasped all the dialogues and songs quite easily. As per my guess, everybody was praising me. I was on cloud nine. But from inside I was very scared. As if somebody is telling me that, ok, ok, try your best to portray the king. The better you portray, the more shall be your sufferings ha ha ha……..like the great snake king ‘Takshak’ is telling me.
Finally the dooms day arrived. I can’t forget that eventful night. The function went on very well. First there was patriotic songs and dance performed by the class 10th girls whom I always loved to see dancing. Thereafter regular ‘lecture-baji’ by the chief guest and local netas followed by prize distribution to the class toppers. At last the dance drama was to be performed. It was a cloudy night, it was drizzling just slightly. The play was just perfect as expected. Everybody praised the performance of all the actors. Our teachers were very much ecstatic by the response of the audience. At the end of the show several people gave me monetary rewards for my performance in the role of the king. I was very much pleased. Finally we had a feast with all the teachers and other staff of the school. I should confess that I am a sort of foodie. I can not resist delicious food especially sweet dishes. As per the tradition the sweet dish ‘Kheer’ comes last in a feast. By the time I took kheer for the fourth time it was 9.30 in the night. All my friends had left for home. Our house was on one side of the village and at that time nobody from our near by houses were left. Our head sir asked me if he could come with me but I refused to show bravery and decided to walk alone. I decided to come via a short cut, because I thought that it will take me less time to reach home by this route and therefore less exposure to danger.
I started to walk off the main road and take the short cut via a paddy cum cricket field. Several thoughts were churning in my mind. I was thinking how my father missed my show. If he would not have gone to Howrah on special duty, he would be very happy and I could have asked for anything I wished to have for long time; may be a bi-cycle. Anyway when he arrives tomorrow morning first I will tell him about the appreciations I got for my performance.
I was lost in my own thoughts. Suddenly I heard some strange chhan-chhan-chhan type of sound coming from behind. I stopped immediately. A cold wave went through my spines as if I have been bitten by a frost bite. The sound also stopped. I thought that this may be my imagination and went ahead towards our house in full speed. Again the same strange sound started coming. Suddenly the thought of the snake came to my mind. I stopped suddenly and looked back. Nobody was there. I was almost sweating even if it was a cold night. I started to run in one breath. Now I could clearly hear a slurp-slurp-slurp sound very close to my footsteps as if some thing is following me. May be a snake, may be Takshak himself, the great king of the snakes!!!?? My grandmother once told me that, one should chant the name of Garuda, the Vahan (carrier) of Lord Vishnu when fear of snakes looms large.
I was chanting whatever mantras I knew of lord Vishnu, but nobody taught me the mantras of Garuda, damn it. Why the hell they didn’t teach me a mantra for garuda? I was praying lord Vishnu, oh lord Vishnu, please please please tell Garuda, that I don’t know his mantra, you are his boss naa, tell him to come to my rescue, this snake Takshak is following me, please please.
Now I was running at the top of my speed. Suddenly I felt some sharp pain in my right heel as if a needle has pierced it. It was unbearable. I ran on my top speed as fast as I can. Soon I reached the Gopinath temple which is on the starting of the village. Several people were chanting keertans there. The last thing I remember is that I ran into ‘Ram uncle’, who was sitting along with the gathering and doing keertan. Ram uncle is one of our neighbors and is retired medical compounder. In our village, he is one of the highest educated retired men.
The next thing felt was sprinkle of cold water on my face. I was on my bed surrounded by a lot of people. My mother was looking tense and worried. She was virtually speechless. Everybody was asking me what happened. I could only murmur the words ssnnnaakkee….. . Ram uncle asked me what snake. I explained the whole incident to him. He said not to worry and gave me some capsule (I feel those were placebos) and told me to take rest. He tried to convince me that I had not bitten by any snake, it is just my imagination. When he examined my heel he was also spell bound for a second. At my heel, there were two spots like some sort of piercing and a few drops of blood were oozing out of those two spots. It was like a spot created by the fangs of a snake.
My mother started crying after seeing this, uncle Ram immediately asked her to go inside and not to bother. My whole body was shivering like a leaf and my head was churning as if I had been to a ferry giant wheel. Ram uncle kept on telling me that, it can’t be a snake because I have no symptoms of snake bite, but in my mind I knew that, Takshak had bitten me and I am going to die. My eyes became heavy and I don’t know when I felt asleep.
Morning I woke up afresh like nothing had happened. My mother and ram uncle were there by my side. Uncle asked me how I am feeling; Ram uncle congratulated me on last night’s performance and told that he didn’t miss even a single dialogue of the drama. At this moment, suddenly I remembered the last night’s series of events. I looked at my heel. The two red dots were still there and they had become brownish.
Uncle asked me to show my left arm and as soon as I showed that, he pierced a sharp injection in it. He told me it was tetanus injection. And explained what actually had happened in the paddy field on my return.
Due to my good performance, I was given any monetary awards by the spectators. And I was keeping them in my pant pocket. When I was walking in the field, these changes paisa in my pant pocket were actually making the chan-chan-chan noise. And I was too afraid to notice this coming from my own pant pocket. It had drizzled slightly in the night and in the paddy field, my own chappal in little pool of rain waters was making the slrp-slrup sound as if a snake is crawling. The oart of the paddy field was also converted to a cricket ground. There were broken bats, stumps thrown here and there across the field. And the thing which hit my heel was nothing but a broken bat. Actually in night while running, I had stepped on the broken bat. And the two red dots on my heel were actually because of the two iron nails in the broken bat.
Ram uncle showed me the broken bat in the filed and explained me what must have happened to me in that night.
He explained to me that the fear is within us, if we fear something, then our fear will come to us in any manner. The only way to keep away from these is by thinking some happier moments of your life or by bringing some positive thinking in you. Then these frightening species turn into jokers and make you smile all the way. I will never forget this lesson taught by uncle Ram in my entire life.

 Thank you for the reading

With Love,

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Just now I watched a Hindi movie "SWAMI" (2007). Directed by Ganesh Acharya and in main star cast there, Manoj Bajpai and Juhi Chawala. The story definitely takes you in 60s, 70s time line. 
I am so touched by the simplicity of the movie that I wept and wept till my heart stops. I was so spell bound after a single watch and ponder how a simple story can tell us the most vital thoughts of our life???

The story moves around SWAMI ( Manoj Bajpai), Radha (Juhi Chawala) and their only son Anand, living in a small village of Maharastra. Everything was well going until they have to move to Mumbai for the sake of study of their son. Radha had strong desire to make her son well educated and send him to America. There were ups and downs until Radha fell ill and left SWAMI nothing except memories of bounties of love and an arm chair that SWAMI loved the most. Then came the role of SWAMI to fulfill his beloved's desire. How he managed to win becomes the  rest part of story. For detail story line please follow the link on IMDb.

It is a very simple and not so well known story in modern commercialized cinema world, but surely very heart touching. The message of the story narrated by Amitabh Bachchan was like this, " Your loved ones when in their last phase of life can well see your future but they don't have enough time left to tell these things to you in detail." Ganeshji here very lucidly narrates the flow of emotions between two lovers who knows each other as seems from centuries. During the time Radha has to left this world she knew that SWAMI will be all alone in his life and nobody will be there with him except one arm chair that Radha had bought in expense of her treatment. Both loved each other at an extent that can only be fill and nothing to describe, simply to watch the movie. The belonging of  Radha with SWAMI  made him to live with her memories after her unexpected demise.
The simple story has enough of it to bind you un movingly for the whole hour and bound you to think over your loved ones and how they loved you in their life and after. Really I am telling you from my personal experiences, your loved ones when leaving you alone in this earth they can see your future and tell you accordingly as much as possible for them. The love for you in their heart make it possible to all these supernatural things. They will never left you even after their demise and will there with you till the end.

So folks what are you telling? Just now download the movie through the following torrent http://www.kat.ph/swami-2007-1cd-dvdrip-dv-madiha-t2284654.html link and re energies your emotions.

With love,

Saturday, 14 January 2012

My Flower Art

"Potpourri", a collection containing variety sorts of things. You can make a collection of anything, like from cars to flowers, from lyrics to books. All the varieties of this exists to create a useful pastime, which is worth while. You can see the art of flowers created by me. Daily me and my Manoj  go for our morning work, collect flowers and my next work is to arrange it in different styles. Believe me its very relaxing and satisfying after seeing your own creations.
Here is a link to some of my flower arts in Picasaweb;

You can see and enjoy and ya can also try to do your own.

Love you,

The "Ascent"

It is continuation of story “Birth of Love “. 

As explained in earlier story, boy and girl got married and started their new life. As a normal practice, Any Person enjoys craze of new life at many occasions like at time of birth, at the time of job or at the time of marriage. So it can be observed that whenever there is change in human life, positive thoughts reflects in our actions. This couple also started enjoying their life like others but……….
    But our time does not remain same forever. With each pulse of time, new thoughts, environment and circumstances changes the human life. Sometimes the changes may be gradual or sometimes very fast depends upon inertia of human nature and its flexibility to absorb the changes. We normally understand such changes as our destiny.
 So after few years, the couple realized that they are not feeling happy. They started regretting for even small issues. The concept of soul-mate started diluting with span of time.
   Once, they were sitting at bank of river, looking in isolation and remembering the happening of past. They were thinking……
????  Why they fall in love!!!!!!!
????  Why gone for marriage!!!!!
????  Why they are facing a situation of saturation!!!!! 
????? Whether it was true love or just infatuation.

    Fortunately, the same old man, who met before marriage came in front of them. After seeing them sad, he got surprised and asked the reason. After listening the problem, the old person turned sad. He expressed his opinion as follows:
Ø There are lot of relationship possible between two persons, like they may be parents, brother-sister, brother- brother, friends, lovers, husband-wife, office - colleagues etc and so on.
Ø Each relationship has its own cause of origin depends upon its requirements. For example, a relationship of parent occurs when two person want to take care for a child, similarly, relationship of friendship occurs when there is need to share thoughts, loneliness etc. Similarly for lovers, need of care and commitment is prime factor.
Ø Off course many relationships may be co-related to each other or even they can be independent. For example a friendship between a boy and girl may or may not lead to lovers and similarly lovers can proceed up to a relationship of husband- wife. Similarly parent-child relationship can be referred as independent of other relations.  However, it is difficult to say which relationship is supreme on other because all relationship is originated from their requirements and their life cannot be pre decided.
Ø Most vital thing in a relationship is the way, how it is created or in other words the basis of a relationship, because relationship happens to serve a purpose and it should be always destination oriented. But purpose of relationship should not be miss-understood with selfishness or created for any gain. It should be very clear that any relationship is desire of God only and it happens as per his will.
Ø Love, an unexpressed feeling and coming out by way of our emotions, thoughts and actions, but………………..
Ø Love originates from internal feeling, it’s something like dedication in favor of any work or any person or something else, refer as your own interest. Love attains it peak when our mind is completely free to interact with surrounding nature. It is a rhythmic state of ultimate peace (harmonious stage of soul with real source of energy and you become unaware from all pains).
So it is not state of bounding yourself from this materialistic world. It is state of ultimate freedom from all boundaries. It’s a way of simplifying yourself in this mystified world. Here a boundary does not mean absconding from responsibilities.

Now you are thinking that whether your case belongs to real love or infatuation? In my opinion, your case is not infatuation because you agreed to go together even after big misunderstanding and break in your affair. In cases of infatuation, when things got break, they never try to come closer because infatuation occurs when we just observe our requirements and try to complete it without justifiable reasons. Infatuation is initial stage of being emotional and after certain time, as we got mature, we understood the things more clearly then this state disappears automatically, taking as nothing was happened.   
Ø However there are few things which was missing in your relationship that I explains you now. Just listen….
Ø Love and marriage are two different things, as told, love is a feeling but marriage is a requirement of individual. These two are somehow co-related but may not complemental to each other.

Ø  Many times people get confused assuming that love can occurs when a boy and girl meets or see each other. Off- course, natural attraction (infatuation) occurs between a boy and girl but whether it can be referred as love or attraction or infatuation. But true picture of any relation appears with time elapse.
Ø  So Marriage is a relationship where two people who lives together, share day and night and much efforts needed to make it long lasting and fruitful. One important thing in a relationship is extent of compromise. However, any compromise, beyond the tolerable limits is also not correct.   
Ø   But most vital thing which is above all relationships, that is “ASCENT”.

Ø Now question is what is Ascent?
Ø The literal meaning of ascent is to rise in our life. When the word ascent comes, it means “Go ahead in all situations with your natural rhythm”. In other words “Step up with just observing the incidents around us.
Ø For example let us focus on flow of a river; Life of a river lays in a fact “always flows”. Its water is useful to all human beings when it has potential to flow. River always moves ahead breaking all stones and other difficulties coming in the path and purifies itself via natural purification process. This also applies to our life and term “Ascent” focuses on this concept
Ø All the relations and even marriage also feels the suffocation of non compliance of expectations and lost its strength with time. Many times we blame this relation as not appropriate or not perfect for each other. Here the term “ASCENT” emphasize on.
Ø Go ahead with distribution of your good things whatever you have in all relationships, do not wait for realizing that what you are gaining or losing during tenure of relation.
Ø So for any relationship, always try to follow this with honesty and transparency. Even “In case” if you are not comfortable with any relationship, tries to settle it to the extent possible.
Ø Evaluating the strength of any relationship in terms of “Trust or Do not trust” is not appropriate and even it’s not desirable also for “ASCENT” of life.
v Trust is a knowledge which comes with stepwise rise of learning and stabilizing our mental strength. Trust occurs when we are at zero level of all evils, at this stage we are close to stage of high positive strength and “ASCENT” is step wise purification of human mind which occurs with many sufferings in various births and result in love (ultimate gift of God).
With these words, the old man become silent and left the place. This couple also realized their mistake and left the place for re- integration of their life.
Ok Friends, this is end of this story. It’s difficult to say that who is boy and girl in this story. It may be you may be me and many others.

Thanks for reading.
With Love,

Friday, 13 January 2012

The Birth Of Love

It is a story of an unmarried couple. Both of them were in love with each other. As such it is well said by some body that “ Love is something, which is a communication between one heart to other heart. Sometimes it may not be very much observed by talking, or writing.
 ------- In other words, It is  something to understood rather than need to make it understand.
      However “Love” and “Life” are two edges of our journey. Sometimes they comes closer and sometimes apart depends upon our destiny. Many of us try to put a bridge to make them one but sometimes succeed or fails many times………………... 
            Ok, let us continue the story, so like other couples, these two also used to meet each other, share greeting cards, letters etc. So their life was going happily with hand in hand.  
     As we know our life cannot stay at one point and with advancing time, one day the girl asked to the boy “Dear friend, long time has elapsed and now we should go for marriage” The boy listened carefully and asked one question:

   Whether you have full trust on me? A marriage is relation of trust and without ensuring it, how can I go ahead?

     The girl astonished with such rubbish question. She never imagined such question even in dreams also. She got depressed. She told ok you have asked very tough question.
What I can answer for this question. Faith is something which is hardest thing of life. No one can give any proof for having faith. I have given everything whatever you have asked without any hesitation. if you have such doubts than I think we should separate now as it seems to be not very late.
The boy listened her carefully and told ok as you wish and they got break in their friendship.
 In our life, it is easy to fall but difficult to rise from depressive mood.
(Some body has well said on this situation as “meri aankho me aanso, tujse hamdam kya kahoon, thahar gai to angara hai, bah gai to dariya hai, pighal gai to dunia ke andhere gher lete hain, meri tarah koi jie to jeena bhul jayega, kadam uthaye nahi pate ki rasta kat jata hai, e malik tu kab tak ajmayega?)
So in this story also, the girl fell in deep depression. Life was dropped for her like anything. She lost faith in everything and decided to end her life. When she was about to jump and finish herself. She heard something but she could not understand, who is here and what he want to say to her !! With careful attention, she get to know that an old man wants to say something to her.
Old man asked “Why you want to finish your life?” The girl narrated the whole story ? I have left with nothing in my life. To whom I have loved most in my life has doubt on me. I do not know, why people love each other ?
The soul replied, OK, If you want to finish yourself than you can go ahead but I want to say something. Please listen:
  •       When a person falls in love for somebody then off course he or she wants to dedicate his or her full life for the other one. But why so many “if” and “buts” comes in our life that we should understand carefully.
  •       When Love or affection takes a birth, It start with a thought, This thought may be for a single individual or for anything else. But as it comes in the outer world, its strengths are affected by our limitations. These limitations may be in the form of our attachment, expectations, fear, greediness and so on.
  •       Although thought of love is clean and holy but when it grows up in our practical life than it may be haunted by such evils as told. Now the question comes “If love may be haunted then why it happens? Whether it happens to lead us to depression or frustration? Whether God want to give us punishment by putting ourselves in love?
  •  The answer is “No”. Love takes its birth because God wants it to happen. He has given us as a option to realize the beauty of God by the virtue of love. He has no such intention to make us sad but he has made love as path of pain because learning from pain is much more effective than feeling of happiness.  Whenever pain occurs, a person realizes real strength of almighty.
  •  Now, as far as your love is concerned, its like focusing yourself to an individual’s life. Any positive feeling which appears in mind always results in a creative output till it is not haunted by any evils.

Love grows only when you start surrendering your desires rather than attaching with desires. Love matures when you want to give everything without a single thought. Since love is path of pain and you should know its risk as well. But in your case, when you fall in love, you forget the outer world but could not forget yourself. You could not forget your limitations. Love always free the human mind from all desires when it is done with full dedication.

  •       You become frustrated after listening rubbish question of fiancee. But I think there is nothing wrong in his question. He asked this question to test integrity of your faith and you get embroiled after listening this question. It is difficult to answer such questions when your love is restricted to individuals, However when you becomes mature with a knowledge of wholeness then such questions are not difficult to answer. When a love deepens, it creates a bridge between two hearts but it should not be aimed to get something.
  •       It does not matter that whether that boy loves you or not because it is not in your hand. His love is his own opinion. Love is self happening gift  and not could be demanded for any commitment or dedication.
  •       Love becomes beautiful gift when it proceeds with a thought of “to give”

After listening this explanation, the girl realized that where she was wrong and she told all this to her friend and they decided to go together and got married.

to be continued..............

With Love,

Thursday, 12 January 2012

"The Tree and The Boy"

It is story of a old tree and a naughty boy. The tree was very old, can be attributed as ancient tree with stability of pin drop silence. There was a village near that tree and sometimes people moves in that area where the tree was there. Birds are used to enjoy the goodness of tree by resting on its rigid branches. So we can imagine it as a forest environment.
Once a naughty boy came near the tree and got surprised after seeing sweet fruits hanging on it and its beautiful greenery. First time in his life, he enjoyed the real beauty of nature around the tree. He started eating fruits, playing on its branches and moving around it. He was very happy and comfortable. Now after some time he started visiting that tree frequently and it has become part of his routine life. The time was going on with its pace. But after few days, the boy noticed that the tree which was seemed to be very old is now looking young. It is now full of new fruits, green leafs and new branches. He found that there is some miracle happening with the tree. He could not understand the cause in first instance but after putting his mind in past he realized that this magic may be due to his presence only. He is a magician and had given a new life to the tree. He was now full of proud and had changed the life of tree. He started boasting about this fact in the village. People get surprised but no one noticed him for such silly thoughts. But, after few days, the boy again noticed that the tree which was getting young and more beautiful is now again getting old but this reverse change was very rapid and after very short interval, he observed that the tree was totally dried. All his leafs and fruits were dropped. Now this tree was just a dry bamboo without any attraction. The tree has nothing to give others and It was died. The boy got thrilled and started weeping. He was thinking what wrong I have done and why this happened and so on. He was very sad and just thinking what is to be done. He called God that please solve my grief, I am in trouble. After Listening his story, God smiles and shushed for a moment. He replied ok, I explain the real story behind this magic.

First, You note that you have not done any miracle or magic with tree and you are not magician at all.
Listen my Dear Friend, I tell you what was exactly happened with tree. The tree which is provided with sweet fruits, roof of green leafs to save from fiery heat of sun but not freedom of enjoyment like humans. However, they have a need of care and respect to preserve their strength. Humans are awarded with a enormous gift of creativity, care and affection. Human can better express feelings and share the problems of others as they have emotions and ability to share. So, when you visited the tree, “Miracle of Hope” occurred. The tree thought that now someone has come who will understand his silence. Who will appraise for his services and provide help in extending his services to others for enjoyment to all (as he himself cannot move from here to there). So with this hope, new energy motivated the tree and it started glowing and got young and happy. However he could not understands your truth. You never appraised him for his sweet fruits, his beautiful spread and services distributed by him, Because your sole interest was eating fruits, just in your enjoyment and ignoring his identity.   You never tried to know that what tree want to say by means of its deep silence and touching leafs to your head.
So when Tree realized about your real intentions, then he got embarrassed and surrounded by deep depression. You know, killing effect of depression is much more powerful than strengthening effect of boost. Due to that tree got dried and finally died.

Recently I was reading one blog post of one of my blog inspiration "A Rose in December"  in the blog "Justamotheroftwo". I was so touched by the incident and the sensing power of trees. We are just ignoring their emotions, but they do understands our feelings and how much we care for them and blooms/fruits for our pleasure. So we should really care for the folks in our garden. They can become our very good friends in our lonely time when nobody is around there.
So my friends I hope that u have understood the concept behind this story and I hope that u have enjoyed it.   
Thanks for reading it. 
With Love, 

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Balancing Your Anger

Here I would like to share the life changing lesson I am going through, from one of the posts of Brhmakumaris. We are all going through that monstrous phase of life called anger. All are desperately wanting to get rid from that phase. But how many are really succeeds? Let's discover how to do it?

Applying The Law Of Balance To Anger 

We are all very much aware of the law of gravity. It keeps us grounded on the earth. Gravity ensures everything returns to a state of balance. This is the law of balance on a physical level. 

The law of balance can also be applied on a mental and emotional level, to the emotion of anger. e.g. Too many angry thoughts of revenge and animosity (hatred) inside our consciousness can emerge in two ways:

a) either externally as toxic, violent behavior, which will attract toxic, violent responses from others, or 
b) if these thoughts are kept bottled inside, they will eventually, after a period of time, emerge as some disease or the other in the physical body. This is because our consciousness then tries to find a way to get rid of the mental impurity, which enters our physical body and restores balance to the mental and physical system, which has been upset due to the creation of the toxic thoughts, in the first place. 

The above e.g. is an application of this law on a micro level. We can apply this law of balance on a macro level, on the world at large, where we watch groups of people, even countries exchanging negative energy. Each time a group of people transmit the negative energy of anger physically to another group of people - at that time, either: 

a) one party is disturbing the balance temporarily, which will be restored sometime in the future, by the second party indulging in similar behavior, or
b) balance is being restored at the present moment (because negative energy had been transmitted from the opposite party to the first party sometime in the past). This balancing must take place, because it's an unbreakable law. This is the law of balance. 

This law that does not need to be enforced by us, the police or even by God. It is a natural law like other laws of nature. It gets enforced itself and cannot be broken by anyone. Understanding that this law is embedded in the human state of affairs at all times makes us careful and detached so that we don’t hurt ourselves with violent, toxic thoughts, when someone acts negatively. We create these kinds of thoughts because we believe this is revenge that is justified. Also, knowing that anger that is radiated comes back doesn't mean we don’t have any laws within society – they are required, but it helps us not to take the law into our own hands. We cannot force justice to take place before its fixed time. We cannot force the balancing of energies of anger. If we trying doing it, it is being egoistic and we only upset the balance of our energies as a result. Even to criticize those who try to take the law into their own hands is to take the law into our hands.

so anger is as harmful to us as our society. It destroys our ability to sociable, to grow and our imaginations. more over hampers our over all progress. So let's at least try to get rid of it!! What are You saying?

With Love,

Monday, 9 January 2012

I Wish That...........

I wish that I could say more than I care,
no matter what, I shall always be there
With my love, stories and similar to share.

For the rest of my life and all days-
I shall continue to adore You my love.

I wish that I could say more than I Love You,
even though you know it's true.
I wish I could tell I'd do anything for You.

But I can't die for You, cause I want to spend my life with You.
As I had said for me, "life is You."

I wish I could look into your eyes,
whenever I feel lonely at most,
cause they give me hope and encourage me whenever I am lost.
The eyes of a child that are windows to your soul
and whenever I look into them, they touch my heart
and make my whole.

With Love,

Friday, 6 January 2012

Life is YOU

Your love is my life,
Your presence brings such orderings in me.........
When you are not around, I just cry..........
I wonder why?
Are these tears come out in search of you.........
Your innocent smile can light up the whole room.

I want to spend the whole day with you and
wish that my life is this whole day.
If I can walk with you or just by the sides of you during night,
then I don't bother the whole life being dark.

There is no life without YOU,
because for me the life is "YOU".

With Love,

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Just give a look to the click. What are you guessing? No its just  not hands of  a single person. Its just our two palms, mine and my husband's placing harmoniously and melodically together, imprinting the illusory thought of one person's hand putted in a prayerful mood.
Our life is just like it. It all depends upon how compatible we are, in each and every field of our life. Just see how beautifully each pairs of fingures are placed to appear difference less. Just like five pairs of couples preparing for a ball. how cute...... Our compatibility is directly proportional to our inner adjustments, our compromises and above all our adaptation to each and every situations to our life. Let's take some couple moments in our everyday life. May be we are thinking its just a little thing and ignore it, but doing small things for each other plays a vital role in marital compatibility. The cases of divorces is gradually increasing due to the lack of this compatibilities. We are living for ourselves day by day. let's just think to live for anybody else, just live for the one who will going to be your friend for lifetime will solve the major understanding problems among couples. Similarly, in your work, let's think in a bigger front, work for a bigger front, keep hand in hand with your colleagues, just not think of yourselves only. All these not only helpful to done your work lucidly, but your work efficiency also increases adoring a popularity to you.
So let's live for others, think for others and do something for others, only for the sake of us yaar........

With Love,

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Lessons from a Pencil

I was reading the book, "Like the Flowing River" by one of my fav. author Paulo Coelho.
There is a story over there, that i touched by my heart.

The story of the pencil
There are some qualities that a small pencil taught us every time.

  • We are capable great things, but we must never forget that there is a hand guiding our steps. We call that hand God, and he ever guides us according to his will.
  • The pencil suffers a lot during its journey by a sharpener, but after wards it gets much sharpness and becomes beautiful. So we too must bear some pains and sorrows, as they will make us a better person.
  • The pencil ever allows us to use an eraser to rub out any mistakes. That means correcting something we did is not necessarily a bad thing.
  • What really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. So we should ever pay attention to what is happening inside us.
  • Finally a pencil ever leaves a mark, in just the same way we should know that everything we do in life will leave a mark, so we should be conscious every time of our action.
These are all life changing lessons we should learnt from a pencil, so what are u telling.
A few lines to recharge you.

Be like the flowing river,
Silent in night.
Be not afraid of the dark,
If there are stars in the sky, reflect them back.
If there are clouds in the sky,
Remember, clouds, like the river, are water,
So, gladly reflect them too,
In your own tranquil depths.

                               Manuel Bandeira

bye, with love,