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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Just give a look to the click. What are you guessing? No its just  not hands of  a single person. Its just our two palms, mine and my husband's placing harmoniously and melodically together, imprinting the illusory thought of one person's hand putted in a prayerful mood.
Our life is just like it. It all depends upon how compatible we are, in each and every field of our life. Just see how beautifully each pairs of fingures are placed to appear difference less. Just like five pairs of couples preparing for a ball. how cute...... Our compatibility is directly proportional to our inner adjustments, our compromises and above all our adaptation to each and every situations to our life. Let's take some couple moments in our everyday life. May be we are thinking its just a little thing and ignore it, but doing small things for each other plays a vital role in marital compatibility. The cases of divorces is gradually increasing due to the lack of this compatibilities. We are living for ourselves day by day. let's just think to live for anybody else, just live for the one who will going to be your friend for lifetime will solve the major understanding problems among couples. Similarly, in your work, let's think in a bigger front, work for a bigger front, keep hand in hand with your colleagues, just not think of yourselves only. All these not only helpful to done your work lucidly, but your work efficiency also increases adoring a popularity to you.
So let's live for others, think for others and do something for others, only for the sake of us yaar........

With Love,

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