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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Lessons from a Pencil

I was reading the book, "Like the Flowing River" by one of my fav. author Paulo Coelho.
There is a story over there, that i touched by my heart.

The story of the pencil
There are some qualities that a small pencil taught us every time.

  • We are capable great things, but we must never forget that there is a hand guiding our steps. We call that hand God, and he ever guides us according to his will.
  • The pencil suffers a lot during its journey by a sharpener, but after wards it gets much sharpness and becomes beautiful. So we too must bear some pains and sorrows, as they will make us a better person.
  • The pencil ever allows us to use an eraser to rub out any mistakes. That means correcting something we did is not necessarily a bad thing.
  • What really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. So we should ever pay attention to what is happening inside us.
  • Finally a pencil ever leaves a mark, in just the same way we should know that everything we do in life will leave a mark, so we should be conscious every time of our action.
These are all life changing lessons we should learnt from a pencil, so what are u telling.
A few lines to recharge you.

Be like the flowing river,
Silent in night.
Be not afraid of the dark,
If there are stars in the sky, reflect them back.
If there are clouds in the sky,
Remember, clouds, like the river, are water,
So, gladly reflect them too,
In your own tranquil depths.

                               Manuel Bandeira

bye, with love,

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  1. how true dear, really a small thing as a pencil also teaches us so important lessons of life. Keep posting more such stuff.
    love you....