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Friday, 17 February 2012

Eternal Love (Part-2)

For those who are reading first time, the link goes to: Eternal Love (Part-1).

While standing in front of the small house in the by lane several random thoughts were coming into Hari’s mind. Is it GOD’s justice or injustice? Suddenly he realized that he knows this house, yes, this is the house of Parvati amma, the flower vendor in front of the Lion’s Gate of the temple. He knows her, in fact several times he has refused her invitation to come to her house. So with hesitation, he entered the house calling Parvati Amma’s name. Amma came out of the house and was some what surprised to see Hari, but she was happy for his coming. Amma then offered him a seat on the cot and after asking for water she told, “so, finally you could find some time to visit me”. But Hari was in a different world you can say. His eyes were searching for the girl and hesitantly he asked amma about the girl who just entered the house. Amma said, so you have not come to see me, but to see ‘Radha’. 
Hari pondered again, so her name is ‘Radha’, wow this is a good sign, Hari and Radha, best possible combination. 
Amma called for Radha and continued to say, yesterday only she has come from the village, she is my niece. Poor chap lost her mother last month; I am the only guardian now. Radha came to that place, seeing her; Hari stood up from his seat and looked upon her face. She is so beautiful, Hari thought to himself. As if he was dreaming, amma interrupted, "I told her not to do anything, but she did not listen. She is making aggarbathis now and selling them on the hospital square market". 
Hari told, you please don’t worry amma, give me those I will give them to the big dealers and fetch you good price, this brought a smile on Radha’s face. Amma also told, ok, then tomorrow you come early and take these agarbathis. 
Hari was very happy that day; he thought - today is my best day. Indeed God is not merciless; he has given something for everyone. The next day Hari was at amma’s place at sharp 6.00am, Radha was ready with the agarbathis. Radha told, ‘how much these will fetch’? These words were like nectar to Hari’s ears. He had not heard a more sweet voice than this in these years. For a moment he was speechless, after coming to consciousness he told, don’t worry Radha, I will not let your efforts go for cheap, I will return with a handsome amount. 
Hari gave those incense sticks to one of the biggest dealers in the market and could get hundred rupees, after that he went on with his regular rickshaw. There was a spring on his feet that day, he was murmuring few lines of his favorite romantic film song. He was waiting for the day to end quickly so that he can meet Radha, but the day seemed to be the longest. Every hour was like a day itself on that occasion for him.
Finally he attended the evening Cuttack-Puri shuttle and came back to amma’s place. Both amma and Radha were very happy at the price of the sticks. Radha told, next week please bring me some marigold flowers, I will make their essence and put in the incense sticks, it will be a rare fragrance. Hari liked the idea and the presence of mind of Radha. She will be very good life partner-Hari thought to himself. Like these days passed and Hari became an integral part of Radha and amma’s family. One evening when all the three were sitting on the veranda, Radha said, I want to see GOD, I want to see this world, creation of the almighty, must be very beautiful, very colorful, for me there is only one color-black-but I want to see all the colors. Why god has done this injustice to me. She sat silently there after saying this. Amma also did not say anything but looked at Hari. By that time Amma had decided that, after her, Hari will take care of Radha. But Hari was thinking something different, he wanted to see Radha always happy.
The next morning, Hari came to the house and told Radha, "get ready we are going to the eye specialist today, the best one in town, you shall see again". There was firmness in his voice. Radha was very happy and got dressed. She was sitting on the rickshaw and Hari was pulling it. They went to Dr Kar’s clinic which was one of the best eye hospitals of the city. Dr Kar also knew Hari well as a good rickshaw walla.  After examining her, the doctor told Hari that, she was curable. On hearing this Hari’s joy was compounded like anything. But-said the doctor this operation will be a costly affair. Hari gave assurance to the doctor not to worry about the money and go ahead with the operation. 
Radha on hearing this was against the operation but Hari insisted on this and assured Radha that money will not come in the path of her happiness. Hari went to his home and broke all his savings. He sold his bread earner rickshaw for a good sum and managed to get some money on borrow basis from the big dealer in the market. That evening Hari returned to amma’s place with a feeling of victory and said money has been arranged for the operation. 
Amma asked Hari on his arrival, "what happened where your rickshaw is today"? Hari told that –I have sold it, amma was furious, then how will you survive, you fool. Hari showed her a box; a small black box, ‘this will be my bread earner now’, what is this-amma asked, a alladin’s chirag or what it will give you? Hari opened the box- there were brushes of different sizes, polish of different color. See amma I will be a shoe polisher at the station. On hearing this amma had tears on her eyes. Radha was listening to all these conversations and she also cried silently.
The next morning amma Radha nad Hari went to the doctor’s place and got Radha admitted. Hari deposited the money in advance so that the treatment is smooth. After half an hour, Dr Kar cameout of the OT and announced that the operation is successful and if everything goes well Radha can see after a week. Hari was very happy on hearing this, at last god has answered his prayers and the person who he loves most can see now. But wait, there was an inner voice coming from him as if prohibiting him from celebrating. As if, he wants to fly, but someone or some feeling has tied his wings. He thought to himself, Radha is so beautiful, I am so ugly. She will not like me as soon as she sees me, she may pity on me and stay with me, but she will always hate me and my face. She deserves the very best, she does not deserve me, Hari thought to himself. But he was thankful to god that his savings, his good wills at least helped his loved one to see this world. He stopped going to see Radha in the hospital and sent medicines and fruits for her via the nurse only. Amma understood his feelings but could not do anything as she was also not aware of Radha’s feelings. Finally the day came when Radha’s eyes were to be opened to the world. Hari was there at the counter of the hospital to see that every thing is ok with Radha or not. 
On opening the bandage from her eyes, Dr Kar asked Radha, whom she wants to see first? Radha told for me, there is only one, my GOD. Ok, said Dr Kar and asked the nurse to bring a photo of lord Jagannath. Radha opened her eyes slowly as if waking up from deep slumber. Saw a card board depicting some random figure, an old fragile lady, and a suave looking man in front. Dr Kar told, see Radha, I am Dr Kar-your doctor who treated you, this is your aunt-Parvati Amma; and here is the photo of lord Jagannath, the lord of the universe, you wanted to see him first na? Radha did not say anything; she was silent, speechless, and motionless. Suddenly few drops of tear fell from her eyes. On observing this, the doctor was very worried, what happened Radha? are you able to see or not? are you crying? Oh My God, please don’t cry, that is not good for your eyes, please please, let me know what happened.
Radha asked where is he? Dr Kar told, who-he? Amma understood everything and immediately told the nurse to inform Hari that Radha needs him. Amma hugged Radha and said-oh my poor child, what a fool I am, could not understand your feelings for him, in the mean time Hari came rushing to the ward and looked at Radha. Hari said, please forgive me Radha, I thought you will not like me, because I am ugly. Radha said, I don’t know what is ugly, I have not seen anything. I have only heard and felt and those feelings are far superior than seeing something. For me you are the most beautiful person, you are my GOD.
My love for you does not have boundaries of ugliness, it is eternal like a perennial river, like the smile of a child, like the sun shine, like days and nights. You are my life and I am only your's.

Ok, folks, that’s the story for you. Hope you liked it.
With Love,

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Eternal Love (Part-1)

Hari was a humble rickshaw puller in the holy city of Puri. He had no idea about his origin. Some say that he was found abandoned in the Haridwar-Puri Kalinga Utkal Express.  He used to ply people throughout the city from one part to other, station to the main temple, college to the beach, from bus stand to the nearest hotels etc. Daily office goers, college and school students, devotees etc. are his regular customers. He had listened to the chit chats of school students, the bhajans of devotees, film songs of college students etc. but whoever has traveled with Hari at least once, wished to travel with him always. It was the humble nature of the man which attracted everybody towards him. He never used to charge a single paisa more. Even if a customer is not able to pay full, he used to agree for whatever amount he can give.
Every morning he used to attend the long distance express trains reaching Puri at the station, and by noon he managed to shift his focus to the temple and during evenings it was the beach road. During weekends, holidays and special occasions he used to do good business, even managed to earn 500/- a day.
He had no regrets in life baring one. He was dark in complexion with a several marks of small pox on his face. Whenever he used to see mirror, he thought, I look like a dacoit as in movies, “may be in my last birth I was in the gang of Gabbar Singh”; he used to laugh at himself. Nobody will love such a person who has no charm in his face marred with marks. 
But like everyman, he also dreamt that someday some angel will come to him and be his forever not for this life but for seven lives. And lo! His dream came true on the auspicious day of Magha Saptamai. This 7th day of the winter month is an auspicious day for Hindus and it is believed that, if somebody takes a holy dip in the Sea on this day, he gets the blessings of all the Gods. Lakhs and lakhs of people throng to the temple city on this day just to take a holy dip in the Bay of Bengal and get Darshan of the Lord Jagannath.
Hari was all geared up for this heavy rush and was at the station at 4.00am. He plied several people to the sea shore back that day and earned a handsome amount. While returning from the Gundicha Temple, he saw her. She was standing near the traffic post of Medical Square and selling Agarbatis. He just stared and stared her without blinking. The first thing Hari noticed about her was her eyes, large oval shaped eyes as if trying to speak in their own way. She was wearing a sandalwood colored sari with orange border that made her wheat colored body look more magnificent. She had a garland of jasmine flower in her hair which was radiating its fragrance everywhere as if telling everybody about her beauty. Hari got back to his sense on listening to the honking from his back. The traffic police was running towards him with red eyes and yelling at him to move aside let other vehicles pass.
Hari hurriedly got away from the road and parked his rickshaw. He tried to locate the girl he had just seen but could not. She was gone from that place. He went up to the nearby shops and asked her whereabouts giving descriptions of the girl he had just seen. But nobody was able to tell or know any such girl in that area. Hari was very sad. May be fait is playing games with him, he thought. Then he tried to console himself thinking that even if he had got her address, will she reciprocate the same feelings for him? Who will love such an ugly looking person?
Hari pulled his rickshaw and started slowly to go towards the main temple. Suddenly he saw the same girl walking near the vegetable market along with a small boy holding her hand.
He thought to himself, is this boy her child, is she married, no that can’t be, I don’t see a mangalsuthra on her, neither a bit of sindoor (obvious and traditional signs of a married woman) . Suddenly he realized she is blind. That is why the boy is leading her by holding her hand. Hari decided to follow her and reached in a by-lane where the girl entered into a small house. Hari was waiting outside the house pondering over God’s injustice.

Ok, folks, this is the first part of the story, hope you like it and wait for the second part.
With Love, Swagatika

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

"Dreams don't lie"

Sounding somewhat familiar no? Ya quite like, "Hip's don't lie" ( SHAKIRA fame). Ha, ha, ha, but here I am going to tell about the dreams, ya about our own dreams, that's the difference.
          In our everyday life we experience many dreams, uncountable, a very difficult and beyond our reach, a difficult task to memorize all. But have we ever thought about the real and genuine meaning of that very dream we are experiencing? Somewhat yes or somewhat no. It is very true that every dream is unique to have its own meaning. As dreams are directly related to our subconscious mind while we are sleeping, so those must have a real connections to our thoughts in subconscious, right? If we ever put an effort to unlock the meaning of our dreams, then surely we finds the reality behind it. Its just another fact in our day to day life., nothing else.
      Yes dreams are in their very form unique, i,e, no other person can able to live by the same dream we have as he is not sharing our emotions and experiences. Dreams can be from our relationships, successes, failures, illness, some desires, like this, these can be anything, but it is always within us only. Dreams are our own ID card, like our own mirror image, they define us quite sorts of ways.
           Recently my friend had shared one of his dream with me, you can categorize it in terrible dream category. He saw that he was thirsty like hell and drank as much water he can to quench it, but was in vain. Then he went to doctor, to solve his problem and that doctor gave him even a bucket of water but nothing worked, no gain. Then the doctor stabbed him with a slab to pierce on his stomach, to see what was troubling inside the stomach (only possible in dreams, otherwise no single doctor would dare to do like this with his patient). My friend suddenly woke up with an immense pain and to his surprise, he was really very thirsty and his body was really in a badly need of water. Then he drank some water and realized the fact behind his  terrible dream.On that day he just slept after food without having sufficient water, due to tiredness.
So concluding, dreams don't lie to us. They are ever there with us like our very best friend to help us to discover our true self. Of-course we need a little patience to understand them, just like one of our moody friend.
         In my child hood I had experienced a dream like this. A vast, unending deep blue sea, I am just swimming and swimming to find my destination in the holy and lotus feet of LORD. The next morning I felt very energetic and determined to achieve my goal. Even now also the experience of this dream is with me like a source of inspiration.
         So folks, have a good nights sleep and sweet dreams to all of you.
Thanks for reading.
With Love, Swagatika

The Dirty Idli

Last weekend my hubby came back from his official tour. He wanted to give me surprise by cooking for me. But the interesting part was that he wanted to make idli for me which he learnt on internet. He did not listen to my words and started to prepare the batter. the worst part was that he decided to prepare it from urad dal with skin that my M-I-L had brought for us from home town. Can you believe this; he was going to prepare idli from urad dal having skin. Any way, he tried his best to soak the rice and dal properly. To his bad luck, the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’ was going on. So there he was switching between kitchen and the drawing room. And yes, I was barred from entering the kitchen that day; after all it was a surprise for me. I could only guess from the sound of the grinder that, he was not making the batter for idli rather he was watching movie and occasionally he was going to the kitchen to make the batter; that also with great hurriedness so that he finishes the job quickly for the sake of the movie.
Well, in the next morning, after 8 hrs of complete fermentation, the batter was ready. I was silently observing his heroics in the kitchen without saying anything. I was only worried that, if it goes very bad then how much food will be wasted? Alas! My apprehensions came very true in the morning. The batter was very thin for idli. So what my great intelligent hubby did? He made it thick by adding suji rawa (semolina). I was thinking whether to laugh or cry at this act but did not tell anything. So, after an hour long jugglery with the idli cooker, finally it was ready. When I first saw the shape, size and color of the idli, I thought ‘Why this kolaveri’. Yah, exactly it was like a killer rage idli, black and hard; As if this was born in some African country. Normally when you see an idli, its soft tender nature is so inviting, you feel like devouring it in one single bite. But this idli was different. It was like the idli itself challenging you to eat it. As if it is saying- ‘hey man, if you have guts, then eat me and survive, ha ha ha…….’.
Finally I could muster up some courage to eat it, it was eatable though. I named this as ‘The Dirty Idli’ to attribute the movie ‘The Dirty Picture’. And I said to my hubby that no more surprises for me at least on food front. Really somethings should always be left to the experts only.

Friday, 10 February 2012


I was waiting for my local train to arrive, heartfelt by seeing an incidence. It was simply overwhelming. There was a weeping joy type mix feelings inside me. The very scene made me to think over the generosity of some people and pettiness of some others.
          What happened, an old man was begging and hardly there was a collection of 20-30 rupees. He went to a nearby shop and spent all the collections to buy biscuits and chocolates. The old man seemed to be searching for something/ someone. Then appeared a happy smile on his face. What happened? He was there ad-mist some other beggar kids and guess what I saw? Yes you are right, he was distributing all the stuffs among them. It was noon by then and he must be hungry, but no, not a single thing he kept for himself. You may argue, what if the kids were his own? Ya, I agree it may be true or may not be. But it was not the end of his generosity. He retrieved some of the prior leftover money form his pocket and gave it to another woman who was sitting there, begging with a child in his lap. I was simply touched by the generosity of the old man. How many of us are like this? Begging for simply giving to others. Even if we have our own dump-yards but hesitate to give a small alms to others. Make out the difference. The beggars didn't have anything, even wore a torn cloth, but the spirit to help others, a heart to feel others pain and hunger, placed him much higher level in life compared to us.
        Recently I saw a movie like this. It had the same message. A short movie but with the best ever message inherent with (Simple Truths). In the movie a beggar after his begging goes to a shop to bye foods and there he helps a lady with some lose coins that she needed the most at that time. Like wise through out the movie the beggar helped like this till the last piece of coin left with him. If everybody, no even a small quarter of us could able to think like this and try to get over those petty thinking, then our surrounding will be in golden harvest of generosities. 
      Just a part of my thoughts. Thanks for reading my dear ones.
With Love,

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Home-Coming

Don't be in illusion that, it is again about the superb, famous short story, "The Home-Coming", R. N. Tagore fame, one of my all time favorite. The story revolves around a fatherless boy, who terribly missed his home while staying in his uncle's house. The homesickness, aggravated by lack of love in his aunt's behavior, costs his life at the end.
But here I am depicting my feelings when I was away from my home last week for a four days official trip.  Don'd know why I was so home sick at that time. I badly missed her (my sweet home). We both were there, me and my hubby. The trip was fine, nothing serious. Not to say that it was the only occasion I was away from my home,but simply don't know what happened? Even I longed there like, "when I will go back, go back". The longingness  was there in my mind through out the trip.
    Our own home is such a thing, can't compared by any possessions as it provides you the most desirable comfort, security and coziness after a hectic day. Such a loyal friend who is ever there for us and a witness of our celebrations, griefs, gains and losses also. We can make our home heaven like with our love and care.
    Coming to my own affair. I was desperate in peak there to reach my own sweet home, to feel its warmth, to hug its coziness, to lie down with a heaven's relief. Then finally that moment knocked. We reached our gate, the main entrance gate of Anushakti Nagar, our colony in Bhabha Atomic Research Center. I just overwhelmed by the fragrance of air and its coolness just the very moment we entered. I can even sense it now also, while siting with my PC and happily blogging all the way. Here I unlocked the door and ah! I was in cloud nine, at the highest level of my dopa-mine, an ever wanting comfort was waiting for me. I just simply embraced it and all the end of my anxiety and finally I was in my home after all those awfulness. 
   That was all about my home coming. How I missed my home and finally the end of all of these. Ya something more for you my dear readers. Some clicks I had taken from my Balcony.

With Love,
My colony is just waking from deep slumber

Rain pouring over, ya look at the greens surrounding my colony

Thunder Storm

See the giant cloud over
6 O' Clock in the morning

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Lucky Boy

He had the most strange and the longest names in our school. Of course I am not talking about Rancho of 3 Idiots. His full name was Raja Ranendra Pratap Pritendra Narayan Mishra. That’s five names in one. All our teachers used to refer him as RRP in short. For some he was RRP-PNM. When I first got a chance to interact with him, I asked the mystery behind his name. He said, it is because of his father, mother and the family tradition. Actually, all male members of his family had names like blah blah Narayan Mishra. His father was Samarendra Narayan, grandfather Amarendra Narayan, and great grandfather Jitendra Narayan. And here he was, the most aspiring, one and only son of a very opulent family, Pritendra Narayan. Then what about the RRP part? I asked curiously. He said, this was because of his mother’s side. His mother was the only daughter of Jnanedra Pratap, who in turn was son of Virendra Pratap. I said, ok, ok, I got it. Now I understood that, his name was the unison of the two families. Since he was the only heir from both families, he had to carry both the names. But what about the Raja part, he used to laugh a lot on hearing this. He said, on his birth, the two families had an argument on what to call him, to resolve the conflict his mother decided that,
she will call him raja and nothing else. But eventually that became a part of his name and it still prefixes the whole name. I used to laugh at this and jokingly say that, see PPN (I used to call him by this name only) earlier you struggled to have a name but now you have the longest name that to comprising of five different names, you must be a lucky guy. PPN just used to smile.

In fact, he was the luckiest boy, only child of a physics professor at the university and a his mother was doctor. He had all the qualities that a boy of his age should have; he was taller than other boys in the school, and the most handsome. He was very good at studies and damn good at sports too. The most beautiful girl of our class was also with him. I always used to envy him in all aspects. I tried my best to be first in the class but he was simply the best, and I came second to him always. But he was one of my best friends in those days. After 5th standard, our family moved to a different part of the city and his also moved to the nearby town due to his mother’s transfer. So our schools were different now. I moved to a new school made new friends but nobody was as close to me as PPN.

After few months there was a inter district quiz competition organized by the Rotary club and every school nominated two students for that. I was nominated from my school and went to the nearby town for that. As per my expectation, PPN was there. We met after a long time and shared our happenings. He told me about his popularity in new school to envied me more, but inside me I knew that he was telling the truth. He was such a boy that anybody would like him. In the quiz competition, I was ahead of him in history, geography and civics rounds, but he simply took over me in sports and current affairs rounds. I had no other option but to come second. During those days, I was not allowed to watch TV for long time, but he boasted about the new serials coming on DD which I had no idea. After this competition, we met quite often usually through inter school competitions where he always used to be the winner. Winning was his habit. In the 10th board exams, he was the topper of the district and I came behind him by 12 marks. Now his family had moved to the same town and we were again classmates at the junior college. The college was about 12 kms from our town and a college bus was there to carry students from our town to the college. Usually the bus becomes overcrowded and students had to travel on the roof. But for PPN it was a daily practice to travel rooftop even if there was room inside the bus. Sometimes I thought that, he just wanted to showoff his machismo by doing something like that.

Here in college also, he was the intelligent brat with whom nobody dared to mess. And girls followed him where ever he went. After 12th I decided to apply for the JEE exams but at the same time did not want to loose one year. So I enrolled for BSc. In Chemsitry. I asked PPN what about you, he blantly told that, he simply hates chemistry and in fact the very thought of the term chemistry reminded him the foul smelling laboratories. His love was physics, the royal subject. Subject of scientists like Einstein, Raman and Newton. I used to correct him that, Newton was a mathematician not a physicist. He used to make mockery of me that for rest of my life I have to be in foul smelling laboratories and figure out differences between ferrous and ferric. PPN was very strong in mechanics, permutation, combination and trigonometry which I always fumbled to understand. On the other hand, I had a special interest for chemistry and coordinate geometry which he could not figure out. So we decided to help each other and prepare commonly for the exam. Our house was at a corner of the city and his was in a central place. So I used to come to his place by cycle and we used to study together. Mostly it was in between 12.30 to 5.30 in the after noon after lunch. His house was a palatial bungalow type with all the amenities. He had everything at his disposal. I also used to enjoy his company very
much. With his one order, juice, milk shake, ice cream or simply bhel puri used to come to us. During those days cable TV was really an asset and very few house holds had that. One of my main attractions to come to PPN’s house was cable tv and of course the delicious shakes. But somehow we used to squeeze time out and study for 2-3 hours but obviously not more than that. PPN preferred to discuss with me the upcoming movies and private albums and their stories. We used to watch MTV, channel V which was a rage during those days, of course even now also it is much adored, but during those days it was a different feeling watching foreign channels in our TV sets. 

When the dates of the entrance exam came closer, I realized that I had hardly gained anything from the study which was obvious because of the various sources of distractions. But to my surprise, PPN had grasped everything of chemistry and geometry. In last few days he did try his best to make me understand the topic, but I just mugged up things rather than understanding the subject. Finally we appeared in the JEE exam. PPN joined BSc physics classes and I joined the chemistry just to keep in touch with studies. Though I was not sure of getting a govt seat he was pretty sure of the same. Finally the result came and I got 2200 rank where as PPN got 350. I decided not to go for engg with this poor rank and pursued my BSc. PPN was in a fix. He had two choices. He could have gone for a good college with civil engg discipline or so so colleges with good discipline. He chose the first one. Those days civil engg was not in much demand and not many campus selections were done for the branch. But I used to tell PPN that, he is so lucky that, even if only one campus selection came from the entire state in civil engg, it would be for PPN. PPN moved to the hostel and I was engaged in my BSc studies and got little chance to chat with him.

After 4-5 months, I met him on a train to the capital. He was looking as usual very happy to see me and we exchanged some of our old school memories. Before getting down he told me to keep in touch. This was the last time I saw PPN. Ya its truly unbelievable na? But it was true. The story followed as, in the month of September, 1999 I along with some friends went on an excursion trip to southern India. Just when we had arrived home, the super cyclone rocked the entire state. For 3 consecutive days the cyclone wrecked havoc and we could not move out of our home. On the 4th day morning I went out to the market for buying grocery and vegetable where I heard some people saying that, some professor’s son is missing. Next day morning one of our school friends came to me told that PPN is no more. At first I thought he was just joking but when he narrated the whole incident I was dumbstruck. 

PPN was a very brave boy but the only drawback of him was that he was very homesick. At the start of the super cyclone, he decided to come back home from engg hostel. During that cyclone night he managed to get lift from somebody and came to our town. But their bike was washed away in the overflowing river waters. His body could only be recovered after 3 days and identified by the birth marks only.

For me PPN was always the smiling boy with blue eyes and thick hair and glowing skin. How could I change that image? For me he is and will be the luckiest boy among all others. Now also after so many years the memory of this incident and my sudden loss of my best friend remained me skin tight.

With Love,

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Friendship Day

It is the story of a young girl living in a city. This girl had average color and look. Since her birth, whenever she tried to play with her friends, she always felt that “she is very ugly and no one likes her”. However nobody used to pass any comments on her regarding her beauty but “she remained in full of inferiority complex and in depression”.
One day, She observed that boys and girls were giving gifts to each other and wishing them with words “Happy Friendship Day”. Everybody was chatting with their co partners and enjoying their life. She felt a depressive burst and started weeping after seeing all these. A magic occurred there. Suddenly, a blow of cold air touched her cheeks and she heard some announcement there. She surprised and focused around her. Some body asked (God, obviously) “ hello, what happened to you, why you are weeping as everybody is enjoying today? 
She explained all her story that she is ugly, no body loves her and she feels alone every time. Then the un known sound said ok, do not worry, I will make you the most beautiful girl, when you will awake next morning. 
On the very next day, the girl got a new life of beautiful face and attractive personality. Wherever she went, people were attracted towards her and she made a lot of friends in a  small duration too. The things were moving as usual. After one year, when again Friendship Day came, The God thought, let us see whether that girl is happy or not? So again he visited to her but astonished to find her sitting alone and quite. 
The God asked “ hello dear, now what happened to you? I have given you, whatever you desired, but I am observing that you are still not happy. The Girl replied that I found friends but they seems as just superficial one, they like my beauty and look. But I did not find any true friend here, who is close to heart and  will accompany me in all situations of life. I met several Friends but missing something in each one and Iam not satisfied at all.
God smiled and asked “ I want to tell you something, please listen carefully”.
1. Since the inception of human being, he has been given  three major qualities, one is “how he looks”, second is “what words he speaks” and third the most important quality “what nature he has i.e his inner thoughts”. So We can understand it as “personality of a person reflects in shape of his ability to express his inner thoughts in shape of his words and outer look.”   
                   But, Not a single one in this world is being made perfect i.e who have all three qualities at 100% level. So everybody is incomplete here and search a friend or someone to make himself perfect and complete. So searching for friends or companion is our inherent need.
2. Now, I am explaining your case, when you were not attractive and had an average look, the cause of your depression was your unattractive face. Since your birth, You just seen your face but ignored the other good qualities, like your creativity, your aptitude and innocent heart. You never tried to put forward your good qualities to supersede your weak points. You were just searching happiness in outside world but kept deep depression inside. You could not understand the very truth of life that “ happiness starts , realized and ends inside  heart  only. There is nothing outside which is more attractive than your inner world and can give sustained happiness. Since you were living in a“sphere of being ignored” you could not understand the real truth of life.
3. Now take the second case, When you became beautiful, people came naturally to you by the laws of attractions, but few had true and proper time to understand your heart and read your qualities. So they were not just compatible to you and again you were unhappy in the same extent as before.     
4. Please remember one important fact of life that “no one here is like a true friend or a fake friend”, as everything (human or material) is immortal and new creations overlaps on old ones and thus maintains the craze of life. You are gifted with a fixed time slot to realize the life and complete your aspirations. So rather than waiting for others to come, open yourself and explore your identity to make you complete and perfect, You start your own efforts to learn life, join others and try to be happy in all situations.

So friends, do not ever think that, “God” has done any injustice with anybody. He has uniformly distributed his love and affection among all of us. However due to shadow of our ignorance, we are unable to understand his blessings and misunderstand life. 
Beauty is not skin deep, it lies inside, who ever said it, is very well said. Those who are searching their friends or life partners looking for their external beauty only will surely big fools. They are not only wasting their time but also closing their hearts for someone very aspiring inside but ignored only for the external beauty. So what are you saying? Those who are searching for their partners, my request is that don't waste your valuable time by looking for only beautiful glowing faces. Who knows inside it remains only fake and nothing else.
Thanks for reading.
With Love,

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Love Yourself

Here is just I want to share with you all a marvelous and very well said hyper hyper explanatory article that I read in Speaking Tree.

LOVE YOURSELF...because you can’t give what you don’t have, says Wayne Dyer.

Your thoughts create your reality because your thoughts determine how you respond to situations in your daily life. Those responses are the energy you have inside of you to give away. If you feel anger, it’s because you have anger energy in your body. Like everything in our universe, your thoughts are a form of energy. Everything that you feel and experience is the result of what I call attractor energies. This means that you get back what you put into the world. Thus, what you’ve attracted to you is what you have to give away to others.

Low energy attracts low energy. Some of the low energy thoughts are anger, hate, shame, guilt and fear. Not only do they weaken you, but they attract more of the same. By changing your inner thoughts to the higher frequencies of love, harmony, kindness, peace, and joy, you’ll attract more of the same, and you’ll have those higher energies to give away. These higher and faster frequencies that empower you, will automatically nullify and dissipate the lower energies in the same way that the presence of light makes darkness disappear.

Respecting Yourself

By becoming more loving toward yourself, you will attract more of the higher, faster energies and begin to change what’s inside you. In your thoughts, cultivate an inner voice and attitude that’s 100 per cent of the time for you. Imagine an aspect of yourself that only supports and loves you. You might schedule a certain time of the day when that’s the only thought that you allow yourself to pay attention to. Gradually this attitude will extend to other people even if you can only do it for a minute or two.

You’ll begin to receive this energy back and ultimately be able to send thoughts of love and joy to everyone and everything in your world. Notice when your thoughts drift into the lower energy of ridicule or hate or guilt, and change the thought at that very moment, if at all possible. If you’re unable to change the thought, then at least love yourself for what you did do — that is, for noticing.

Make a pact to remind yourself often of this secret of not being able to give away anything that you don’t have. Then work on your programme of self-love, self-respect and self-empowerment, and create a huge inventory of what you wish to give away....

The Irony Of Giving

If you wanted to give a dozen oranges to your neighbour as an expression of love, you obviously would need to be in possession of 12 oranges.... Likewise, you can’t give love away to others if you don’t have any for yourself. You can’t show respect for others if you lack self-respect. You can’t give happiness away if you feel unhappy. And of course, the reverse is true.... You can only give away what you do have and all that you’re giving away daily are items from your own personal inventory. If you give away hatred, it’s because you’ve stored up hatred inside you to give away....

This concept is simplified by a description of squeezing an orange. When you squeeze an orange, you’ll always get orange juice to come out. This is true, regardless of who does the squeezing, what time of day you squeeze, what instrument you use to squeeze, or what circumstances surround the orange squeezing. What comes out is what’s inside. The same logic applies to you.

When someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, or says something unflattering or critical; and out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, tension, depression, or anxiety, it’s because that is what’s inside.

The irony is that you can’t give away what you don’t have because you’re always giving what you do have.
So the basic thing is we have to love our self a lot everyday before we start our day. Seems very simple no, but in real it is the most difficult and long to achieve goal of everyone. When we really love us then there will be no violence, only peace and peace every where. The world will be full of its harmoniousness and all will be a very well actually.

With Love Swagatika 

A Stone

It is a story of a person may be X, Y, Z....... living in a big city. Since his birth, he had a very bad habit to do  things in a desperate and rude way. Whenever he played with his friends, he always tried to win all the games by any means. He was desperate to achieve no. 1 position everywhere. He never thought that by this act people may hurt and suffer. He thought that he has to reach topmost position in the world because he is made for it. 
Whenever he found that he is losing something, he switch over to mean ways like creating misunderstanding among people, hurting them physically or by his rough comments. The innocent people working with him always felt sad and uncomfortable however they were helpless, because this person belonged to a rich family and had support of local “Gundas”. 
Some of his good friends also tried to teach him to adopt the path of honesty and decency in life. But all efforts against him were worthless and went in vain due to his dominant pride. He never listened anybody and always arrogant. He used to laugh on people around him and comments that “ since you are not strong and efficient like me that’s why you have jealous thoughts about me.   
One day, an accident occurred in his life. He felt that he is not able to move his hands, legs, head etc like a condition of paralysis. He could see all around but unable to do anything. Moreover he was unable to move. He could not understand what exactly had happened with him, as he was totally completely well before sleep. He waited for some time and tried to be normal. However nothing happened and his problem remained same. He started crying and remembering God.
He observed that Some light is blinking around him. He asked, “who are you, can you explain, what it has happened with me, it is totally unfortunate and miserable. Please solve my problem. The Light replied “ listen, my dear, God had made you a “A Big Stone” and placed you exactly in middle of pathway, and people use this pathway to go to their destination. The purpose for doing this are ---------------

1. God has punished you by making you  “a stone” as you were very desperate in your life and in very hurry to rise up but now you cannot move from your position as you are fixed at the bottom level of world. It is the biggest punishment for you.
2.    God has willingly placed you in the middle of path, such that the persons who just see upwards and do not care for ground creatures will entangle with you and toppled down. Whenever they will collide with you, both you and as well as they will hurt. Then you will realize the pain of the people, to whom you have hurt till now. 
3. Since the inception of life on earth, either it may be “small insect” or a big “shark fish”, all the creatures are provided with “certain qualities” and “certain limitations”. As such no one is completely independent and self sufficient in himself. “Every identity needs help of each other to complete his life cycle as per wish of God” When a person work beyond their boundaries and forget their limitations are taken care by God. It is unknown that what would be their punishment and its shape because it is again as per wish of almighty.  
       He realized his mistake and thought how wrong he was in his approach. He closed his eyes with ultimate grief. Suddenly he felt that somebody is shaking him  and shouting “ hey, please awake, you are getting late to your office. The person rubbed his eyes and surprised that he was just seeing a dream and also to know that nothing happened to him and he was totally fit and well. But now he had understood the meaning of the dream. He decided to improve his life style and adopt the path of honesty and decency.

 So my friends I hope that you have understood the concept behind this story and I hope that you have enjoyed it. 

With Love,