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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A Stone

It is a story of a person may be X, Y, Z....... living in a big city. Since his birth, he had a very bad habit to do  things in a desperate and rude way. Whenever he played with his friends, he always tried to win all the games by any means. He was desperate to achieve no. 1 position everywhere. He never thought that by this act people may hurt and suffer. He thought that he has to reach topmost position in the world because he is made for it. 
Whenever he found that he is losing something, he switch over to mean ways like creating misunderstanding among people, hurting them physically or by his rough comments. The innocent people working with him always felt sad and uncomfortable however they were helpless, because this person belonged to a rich family and had support of local “Gundas”. 
Some of his good friends also tried to teach him to adopt the path of honesty and decency in life. But all efforts against him were worthless and went in vain due to his dominant pride. He never listened anybody and always arrogant. He used to laugh on people around him and comments that “ since you are not strong and efficient like me that’s why you have jealous thoughts about me.   
One day, an accident occurred in his life. He felt that he is not able to move his hands, legs, head etc like a condition of paralysis. He could see all around but unable to do anything. Moreover he was unable to move. He could not understand what exactly had happened with him, as he was totally completely well before sleep. He waited for some time and tried to be normal. However nothing happened and his problem remained same. He started crying and remembering God.
He observed that Some light is blinking around him. He asked, “who are you, can you explain, what it has happened with me, it is totally unfortunate and miserable. Please solve my problem. The Light replied “ listen, my dear, God had made you a “A Big Stone” and placed you exactly in middle of pathway, and people use this pathway to go to their destination. The purpose for doing this are ---------------

1. God has punished you by making you  “a stone” as you were very desperate in your life and in very hurry to rise up but now you cannot move from your position as you are fixed at the bottom level of world. It is the biggest punishment for you.
2.    God has willingly placed you in the middle of path, such that the persons who just see upwards and do not care for ground creatures will entangle with you and toppled down. Whenever they will collide with you, both you and as well as they will hurt. Then you will realize the pain of the people, to whom you have hurt till now. 
3. Since the inception of life on earth, either it may be “small insect” or a big “shark fish”, all the creatures are provided with “certain qualities” and “certain limitations”. As such no one is completely independent and self sufficient in himself. “Every identity needs help of each other to complete his life cycle as per wish of God” When a person work beyond their boundaries and forget their limitations are taken care by God. It is unknown that what would be their punishment and its shape because it is again as per wish of almighty.  
       He realized his mistake and thought how wrong he was in his approach. He closed his eyes with ultimate grief. Suddenly he felt that somebody is shaking him  and shouting “ hey, please awake, you are getting late to your office. The person rubbed his eyes and surprised that he was just seeing a dream and also to know that nothing happened to him and he was totally fit and well. But now he had understood the meaning of the dream. He decided to improve his life style and adopt the path of honesty and decency.

 So my friends I hope that you have understood the concept behind this story and I hope that you have enjoyed it. 

With Love,


  1. This is a good one. I guess you could have used proper vocabularies(I am not good at that,Just a mutual learning). I am sure you have very good thoughts which resemble in your blog posts.
    Keep rocking! Followed your blog :-)

    1. Thanks karthick for ur valuable comments. Frankly speaking I am not so good at vocabularies, just trying to arrange my haphazard thoughts or so. Thanks for following the same. I like the way U read and comment what needful.

    2. Just an example is being mentoned here. He observed that Some light is blinking around him. He asked, “who are you, can you explain, what it has happened with me, it is totally unfortunate and miserable. Please solve my problem. The Light replied “ listen, my dear, God had made you a “A Big Stone”

      It could have been -- He observerd "gleam"(Even a street light blinks sometimes,we must be using a special word to mention for the special kind of light.That why I have I used the word gleam. around him. He asked "Who are you"....
      I am sorry if anything mentioned is wrong here. Correct me even if I am wrong. After all,we are here to learn.Google is your best friend :) Happy writing

    3. Ya thats very true. The most appropriate word dear. I appreciate your way of cooperation and suggestions.

  2. yes dear, GOD makes us learn things the hard way, and once you have learnt your lession, you won't forget that for the rest of your life