Welcome All of You to Swagatika's Wonderland

Thursday, 10 May 2012


One-day I woke up
to see I was having a dream,
controlling badly to stop my
heart scream.

The dream was scary,
no sign of Purpose Fairy.
You were not there dear,
you were not there.........

My twinkle little start,
the placebo of my heart.
My darling light in scary darkness.
the Vivian Alchemy in the world of nothingness.

But all are breathless dead,
only a single thought
you are not ahead.

I was sobbing hard,
cursing my fate to be so bad.

Suddenly I realised,
smitten by the truth,
it was a dream,
ya, only a bad dream.

I prayed to Lord,
oh my dear Lord,
please, please, please,
"I am praying before You" 
please wash all my sins
with Your brilliant hue.
 Please don't punish me Lord,
from now on  I 'll obey all your word.

Please don't take the light of my eye,
the voice of my soul
and the strength of my heart.

A hope inside me said,
"my dear, don't worry
nothing bad will happen to your angel,
to your ray of hope,
you are still safe dear,
you are still safe."

I noticed, I am waking up fully,
feeling my goose bumps, so silly.
A new dawn was there
with pleasant sun.
A new hope was about to be born.

Just like a fairy little lilly
in a mud puddle,
ya in a mud puddle............................

With Love,