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Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Trip to God's own Country - Kerala

Yes we were there for an one week trip in this month. I am so touched by its serene beauty, greenery and it seems happiness was everywhere.Below is my day to day experiences there with my own feelings.

day-1 Mumbai Airport
      10/12/11, 5.55 am

Heading for a vacation for Kerala. Waiting for Air India flight. Kerala, " God's own Country", learnt a lot about this God loving place, really very close to the heart of God. The popularity of a place really depends upon its people and people and people, that's it. The simplicity of people, their cultural aspects and their behavior plays the vital role of any place, leaving a role back for the gracious natural ambiances too. Hope we, (both me and my dearest hubby) will enjoy the most wonder, cherish, click the beauty and of course eat south Indian delicacies; ha ha ha...... and a lot more.......

day-1 at royal Kovalam beach club,
       10.45 am
 Ya, we reached here, we are now at a resort of Royal Karma group, just a10 minute walk from the kovalam beach. Fro the point on wards i entered here i could not resist to write and see here i am writing. I am so touched by the city,the soft breeze, the serenity, the the scenic beauty of the place. Just I am feeling very close to my heart. People are so simple here, helpful as per my thought before. Ya this is my first Kerala trip. South India, I always feels a little romantically about it. I don't know the sole reason behind, I am just thinking, may be 'Kolaveri Di", ha ha ha or may be I was a south Indian in my last birth, bluffing...Yes, we will refresh a little then set for a surrounding wandering trip. I am so exited, so thrilled about to experience the God's own country. Let's see how it feels my heart and how much I could enjoy!!!Be with me and enjoy too. Ya I shall upload some photos too.
Here is what Kovalam looks from our balcony.

day-2 7.00 pm

Ya again, just for one day only we were here, at kovallam, but it feels i am so attached to this place, these people by birth. I am so touched by everything here, as if these are my natural environment should be!! We went to Ananta Padmanabha Swami temple here, the world's richest temple. A very typical thing I observed here, that is no where in other places in India. Males should be in dhoti (drape) and women should wear sarees. Such a wonderful and protective tradition in India, we should bow over it. We enjoyed these rituals whole heatedly.Here is a glimpse of the temple from outside as inside photo taking is prohibited.

Today we explore all over Kovalam, a full day.We went to each beach, enjoyed over there, the bath, traditional Kerala food and some of the good taste our test buds are German Bakery, Fusion, Suprabhatam and many more are there. The date shake we had at German Bakery was heavenly.We also bought some traditional products from there. Everywhere I touched by the so faithful people, down to earth and cooperative. Finally  spell bound the sun set was fantabulous.Its just amazing. I felt I can experience my whole life just in those 15 minutes. I should reffer all of you to come here and throw yourself at the lap of God and get the taste of the country, the real Indian country, where all our cultures blends and surely you will return from here with a big heart.
Here are some photos and more...........
The famous light house beach

and finally the most awaited one....
Tomorrow we are going to Ponmudi, a hill station similar to Munnar. Its a golden peak. We are going to spend the whole day over there. Wish us a very nice day there. Hope we will enjoy fully.

day-3 8.30 pm

We went to Ponmudi, a beautiful hill station, sky touching mountains, lovely tea gardens, spreading all over and heart touching blues of the sky. I was overwhelmed by the beauty of nature that we passed by in our daily life. We had our own choices, we may ignore it or may store it the corners of our heart, or can express it, just like me in our own wards.
Tea tree
here is a click of this beauty.

day-3 10.45 pm
A long and tiresome day, but the most awaited enchanting moment of my life just come to see me when I was there at Kanyakumari, the southern most part of India, where three oceanic beauties surrendered their boundaries, where the Sun promises to rise and set with its most virgin and untouched hue, where each sand granules tells some history. Above all where our great saint Swami Vivekananda once went down to meditate and achieve his excellence.I was there in full body but my mind was wondering some where. I felt as if I am totally a different person. All my identities are gradually changing after the visit of such a beautiful sole. Ya I am personified here the beauty, the calmness,the serenity of the place with whom I chatted for a long 3 hours till the sun sets. Then it was the time for us to return to our resort at Trivandrum. But I was in no mood to return back. I thought I would be there for all the rest of my life. I want to mingle with the colour of the sun over there. Yes another thing I noticed was the shells and conchs work displayed in huge. 
My expedition to Kanyakumari was over and we are on our way back to Trivandrum. Tomorrow we are leaving kovalam and gong to spend our coming day and night in a houseboat at Alleppey. Most heard about these boats and again excited for a new experiences. I was never been in a house boat before.

some more clicks.......
see a huge cauliflower in the sky

Floating restaurant at Veli Village
see the artifacts behind me

Exploring Trivandrum in activa

day-5  4.15 pm

Now we are inside the house boat. It is so different than what I imagined. A very spacious one and having AC  bedrooms along with TV, a kitchen. A cook, one assistant and one driver accompanied with us and now we are on a voyage in the Asia's biggest natural back water. I am feeling as if I am here inside a blue hue. All the bluish colour of the world come over here to welcome us and blue and blue are everywhere, and we are basically ad-mist all these blues. I am thinking to become still as trying to capture that beautiful moments in my heart. Oh yes the cook served us mouthwatering foods that I loved for. Really they are taking a great care of us. We are going to spend our whole night over the water, imagine! how exciting! Next morning we are heading for Kochi from where we have to catch our returning flight to Mumbai. I have a plan to watch the famous Kathakali dance over there. Say me good luck. As my trip is going to end day by day, I am gradually becoming more emotionally attached to this place. Bye Bye Kerala, you really filled my heart with love.

44 rivers, a vast network of lakes, 1500 kms of labyrinthine canals, snake boat races, over 300 species of birds, floating markets... showcasing the magnificence of  Kerala backwaters BY KERALA TOURISM :

Immages provided by Kerala Tourism http://greatbackwaters.com/

Immages provided by Kerala Tourism http://greatbackwaters.com/

Immages provided by Kerala Tourism http://greatbackwaters.com/

Prized Possessions

Sometimes in our life we have a prize to our total surprise, which becomes the best part of our life. It happens suddenly, accidentally and quite unknowingly. We are so touched by that, our life overflows with joy and happiness. After all who ll not be happy after getting a prize? The child inside us ever longing to have surprise prize from God, and my holiness, if that prize comes in its best form, then what to say...........It just makes your life. Yes I have my prize, my life you can say, my dearest husband Manoj. He is so cute, loving and caring for me that, I never ever imagine such a partner in my life. He such a boy, so childish. so simple, just lacking proper descriptions for him.He can do for me anything. take me anywhere I want, I can share everything with him, even the most wildest part of my life. I wish he will be ever there for me, with me.

Here is  photo of both, taken while we were in a Bangkok trip in January-2011.

Yes I have another prize, my best friend, Pradyumna. He has been in my life for a long time, since 2004, you can say. He is still there, unchanged, unbroken, shatterproof like a very strong wall. He is a person with humor, sincerity, loyalty. You can trust him for everything, he will never break your trust. He will remain as my friend throughout  the rest of my life.
Yes here is a click of my friend.

With all these I am ending for now. see you soon......
with all my love............


Friday, 9 December 2011

My Love For U

My Love for U

My love for U is so hot like a coffee cup,
I can wake U up with a smirking touch.

I can relax U in winter, rain and summer,
like a cool breeze in autumn and lots and lots of fun.

oh, embrace me anywhere u want,
anytime and anyplace, just like that.

so r U feeling charged with me??????????????????????
or wanna some cuppa more.......................

Monday, 5 December 2011


They say life is a journey. In a journey you meet people of different nature and come across new places. Life also comprises of incidents or events. May be small or large. Some memorable others hmm..ho.. not so memorable.

A newborn child's mind is like a blank sheet of paper, spotless. An innocent mind. But along the journey it gathers everything.

In my blog I shall try to share whatever I am gathering along my journey.
So come along and be a part of my adventure.

bon voyage