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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Prized Possessions

Sometimes in our life we have a prize to our total surprise, which becomes the best part of our life. It happens suddenly, accidentally and quite unknowingly. We are so touched by that, our life overflows with joy and happiness. After all who ll not be happy after getting a prize? The child inside us ever longing to have surprise prize from God, and my holiness, if that prize comes in its best form, then what to say...........It just makes your life. Yes I have my prize, my life you can say, my dearest husband Manoj. He is so cute, loving and caring for me that, I never ever imagine such a partner in my life. He such a boy, so childish. so simple, just lacking proper descriptions for him.He can do for me anything. take me anywhere I want, I can share everything with him, even the most wildest part of my life. I wish he will be ever there for me, with me.

Here is  photo of both, taken while we were in a Bangkok trip in January-2011.

Yes I have another prize, my best friend, Pradyumna. He has been in my life for a long time, since 2004, you can say. He is still there, unchanged, unbroken, shatterproof like a very strong wall. He is a person with humor, sincerity, loyalty. You can trust him for everything, he will never break your trust. He will remain as my friend throughout  the rest of my life.
Yes here is a click of my friend.

With all these I am ending for now. see you soon......
with all my love............


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