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Saturday, 14 January 2012

The "Ascent"

It is continuation of story “Birth of Love “. 

As explained in earlier story, boy and girl got married and started their new life. As a normal practice, Any Person enjoys craze of new life at many occasions like at time of birth, at the time of job or at the time of marriage. So it can be observed that whenever there is change in human life, positive thoughts reflects in our actions. This couple also started enjoying their life like others but……….
    But our time does not remain same forever. With each pulse of time, new thoughts, environment and circumstances changes the human life. Sometimes the changes may be gradual or sometimes very fast depends upon inertia of human nature and its flexibility to absorb the changes. We normally understand such changes as our destiny.
 So after few years, the couple realized that they are not feeling happy. They started regretting for even small issues. The concept of soul-mate started diluting with span of time.
   Once, they were sitting at bank of river, looking in isolation and remembering the happening of past. They were thinking……
????  Why they fall in love!!!!!!!
????  Why gone for marriage!!!!!
????  Why they are facing a situation of saturation!!!!! 
????? Whether it was true love or just infatuation.

    Fortunately, the same old man, who met before marriage came in front of them. After seeing them sad, he got surprised and asked the reason. After listening the problem, the old person turned sad. He expressed his opinion as follows:
Ø There are lot of relationship possible between two persons, like they may be parents, brother-sister, brother- brother, friends, lovers, husband-wife, office - colleagues etc and so on.
Ø Each relationship has its own cause of origin depends upon its requirements. For example, a relationship of parent occurs when two person want to take care for a child, similarly, relationship of friendship occurs when there is need to share thoughts, loneliness etc. Similarly for lovers, need of care and commitment is prime factor.
Ø Off course many relationships may be co-related to each other or even they can be independent. For example a friendship between a boy and girl may or may not lead to lovers and similarly lovers can proceed up to a relationship of husband- wife. Similarly parent-child relationship can be referred as independent of other relations.  However, it is difficult to say which relationship is supreme on other because all relationship is originated from their requirements and their life cannot be pre decided.
Ø Most vital thing in a relationship is the way, how it is created or in other words the basis of a relationship, because relationship happens to serve a purpose and it should be always destination oriented. But purpose of relationship should not be miss-understood with selfishness or created for any gain. It should be very clear that any relationship is desire of God only and it happens as per his will.
Ø Love, an unexpressed feeling and coming out by way of our emotions, thoughts and actions, but………………..
Ø Love originates from internal feeling, it’s something like dedication in favor of any work or any person or something else, refer as your own interest. Love attains it peak when our mind is completely free to interact with surrounding nature. It is a rhythmic state of ultimate peace (harmonious stage of soul with real source of energy and you become unaware from all pains).
So it is not state of bounding yourself from this materialistic world. It is state of ultimate freedom from all boundaries. It’s a way of simplifying yourself in this mystified world. Here a boundary does not mean absconding from responsibilities.

Now you are thinking that whether your case belongs to real love or infatuation? In my opinion, your case is not infatuation because you agreed to go together even after big misunderstanding and break in your affair. In cases of infatuation, when things got break, they never try to come closer because infatuation occurs when we just observe our requirements and try to complete it without justifiable reasons. Infatuation is initial stage of being emotional and after certain time, as we got mature, we understood the things more clearly then this state disappears automatically, taking as nothing was happened.   
Ø However there are few things which was missing in your relationship that I explains you now. Just listen….
Ø Love and marriage are two different things, as told, love is a feeling but marriage is a requirement of individual. These two are somehow co-related but may not complemental to each other.

Ø  Many times people get confused assuming that love can occurs when a boy and girl meets or see each other. Off- course, natural attraction (infatuation) occurs between a boy and girl but whether it can be referred as love or attraction or infatuation. But true picture of any relation appears with time elapse.
Ø  So Marriage is a relationship where two people who lives together, share day and night and much efforts needed to make it long lasting and fruitful. One important thing in a relationship is extent of compromise. However, any compromise, beyond the tolerable limits is also not correct.   
Ø   But most vital thing which is above all relationships, that is “ASCENT”.

Ø Now question is what is Ascent?
Ø The literal meaning of ascent is to rise in our life. When the word ascent comes, it means “Go ahead in all situations with your natural rhythm”. In other words “Step up with just observing the incidents around us.
Ø For example let us focus on flow of a river; Life of a river lays in a fact “always flows”. Its water is useful to all human beings when it has potential to flow. River always moves ahead breaking all stones and other difficulties coming in the path and purifies itself via natural purification process. This also applies to our life and term “Ascent” focuses on this concept
Ø All the relations and even marriage also feels the suffocation of non compliance of expectations and lost its strength with time. Many times we blame this relation as not appropriate or not perfect for each other. Here the term “ASCENT” emphasize on.
Ø Go ahead with distribution of your good things whatever you have in all relationships, do not wait for realizing that what you are gaining or losing during tenure of relation.
Ø So for any relationship, always try to follow this with honesty and transparency. Even “In case” if you are not comfortable with any relationship, tries to settle it to the extent possible.
Ø Evaluating the strength of any relationship in terms of “Trust or Do not trust” is not appropriate and even it’s not desirable also for “ASCENT” of life.
v Trust is a knowledge which comes with stepwise rise of learning and stabilizing our mental strength. Trust occurs when we are at zero level of all evils, at this stage we are close to stage of high positive strength and “ASCENT” is step wise purification of human mind which occurs with many sufferings in various births and result in love (ultimate gift of God).
With these words, the old man become silent and left the place. This couple also realized their mistake and left the place for re- integration of their life.
Ok Friends, this is end of this story. It’s difficult to say that who is boy and girl in this story. It may be you may be me and many others.

Thanks for reading.
With Love,

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