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Friday, 13 January 2012

The Birth Of Love

It is a story of an unmarried couple. Both of them were in love with each other. As such it is well said by some body that “ Love is something, which is a communication between one heart to other heart. Sometimes it may not be very much observed by talking, or writing.
 ------- In other words, It is  something to understood rather than need to make it understand.
      However “Love” and “Life” are two edges of our journey. Sometimes they comes closer and sometimes apart depends upon our destiny. Many of us try to put a bridge to make them one but sometimes succeed or fails many times………………... 
            Ok, let us continue the story, so like other couples, these two also used to meet each other, share greeting cards, letters etc. So their life was going happily with hand in hand.  
     As we know our life cannot stay at one point and with advancing time, one day the girl asked to the boy “Dear friend, long time has elapsed and now we should go for marriage” The boy listened carefully and asked one question:

   Whether you have full trust on me? A marriage is relation of trust and without ensuring it, how can I go ahead?

     The girl astonished with such rubbish question. She never imagined such question even in dreams also. She got depressed. She told ok you have asked very tough question.
What I can answer for this question. Faith is something which is hardest thing of life. No one can give any proof for having faith. I have given everything whatever you have asked without any hesitation. if you have such doubts than I think we should separate now as it seems to be not very late.
The boy listened her carefully and told ok as you wish and they got break in their friendship.
 In our life, it is easy to fall but difficult to rise from depressive mood.
(Some body has well said on this situation as “meri aankho me aanso, tujse hamdam kya kahoon, thahar gai to angara hai, bah gai to dariya hai, pighal gai to dunia ke andhere gher lete hain, meri tarah koi jie to jeena bhul jayega, kadam uthaye nahi pate ki rasta kat jata hai, e malik tu kab tak ajmayega?)
So in this story also, the girl fell in deep depression. Life was dropped for her like anything. She lost faith in everything and decided to end her life. When she was about to jump and finish herself. She heard something but she could not understand, who is here and what he want to say to her !! With careful attention, she get to know that an old man wants to say something to her.
Old man asked “Why you want to finish your life?” The girl narrated the whole story ? I have left with nothing in my life. To whom I have loved most in my life has doubt on me. I do not know, why people love each other ?
The soul replied, OK, If you want to finish yourself than you can go ahead but I want to say something. Please listen:
  •       When a person falls in love for somebody then off course he or she wants to dedicate his or her full life for the other one. But why so many “if” and “buts” comes in our life that we should understand carefully.
  •       When Love or affection takes a birth, It start with a thought, This thought may be for a single individual or for anything else. But as it comes in the outer world, its strengths are affected by our limitations. These limitations may be in the form of our attachment, expectations, fear, greediness and so on.
  •       Although thought of love is clean and holy but when it grows up in our practical life than it may be haunted by such evils as told. Now the question comes “If love may be haunted then why it happens? Whether it happens to lead us to depression or frustration? Whether God want to give us punishment by putting ourselves in love?
  •  The answer is “No”. Love takes its birth because God wants it to happen. He has given us as a option to realize the beauty of God by the virtue of love. He has no such intention to make us sad but he has made love as path of pain because learning from pain is much more effective than feeling of happiness.  Whenever pain occurs, a person realizes real strength of almighty.
  •  Now, as far as your love is concerned, its like focusing yourself to an individual’s life. Any positive feeling which appears in mind always results in a creative output till it is not haunted by any evils.

Love grows only when you start surrendering your desires rather than attaching with desires. Love matures when you want to give everything without a single thought. Since love is path of pain and you should know its risk as well. But in your case, when you fall in love, you forget the outer world but could not forget yourself. You could not forget your limitations. Love always free the human mind from all desires when it is done with full dedication.

  •       You become frustrated after listening rubbish question of fiancee. But I think there is nothing wrong in his question. He asked this question to test integrity of your faith and you get embroiled after listening this question. It is difficult to answer such questions when your love is restricted to individuals, However when you becomes mature with a knowledge of wholeness then such questions are not difficult to answer. When a love deepens, it creates a bridge between two hearts but it should not be aimed to get something.
  •       It does not matter that whether that boy loves you or not because it is not in your hand. His love is his own opinion. Love is self happening gift  and not could be demanded for any commitment or dedication.
  •       Love becomes beautiful gift when it proceeds with a thought of “to give”

After listening this explanation, the girl realized that where she was wrong and she told all this to her friend and they decided to go together and got married.

to be continued..............

With Love,

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