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Monday, 9 January 2012

I Wish That...........

I wish that I could say more than I care,
no matter what, I shall always be there
With my love, stories and similar to share.

For the rest of my life and all days-
I shall continue to adore You my love.

I wish that I could say more than I Love You,
even though you know it's true.
I wish I could tell I'd do anything for You.

But I can't die for You, cause I want to spend my life with You.
As I had said for me, "life is You."

I wish I could look into your eyes,
whenever I feel lonely at most,
cause they give me hope and encourage me whenever I am lost.
The eyes of a child that are windows to your soul
and whenever I look into them, they touch my heart
and make my whole.

With Love,

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