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Saturday, 14 January 2012

My Flower Art

"Potpourri", a collection containing variety sorts of things. You can make a collection of anything, like from cars to flowers, from lyrics to books. All the varieties of this exists to create a useful pastime, which is worth while. You can see the art of flowers created by me. Daily me and my Manoj  go for our morning work, collect flowers and my next work is to arrange it in different styles. Believe me its very relaxing and satisfying after seeing your own creations.
Here is a link to some of my flower arts in Picasaweb;

You can see and enjoy and ya can also try to do your own.

Love you,

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  1. life is also like a potpourri, where we have flowers of all colors. it is important that we accept all flowers in our life. with you by my side, i am sure i can achieve this dear