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Sunday, 25 March 2012


Love, a sacred feeling,
          a tranquil thought,
          pure dedications,
          willingness to give and give,
          and needs no return.
Like a tender touch of moonlight night,          
        smell of drenched soil,
        soft petals of rose,
        lines of a poet giving hope,
        just a beautiful tale to tell.
Oh, You last witness,
       a sweet suffering,
       remover of stress.
      a desire of first rain,
      a dazzling dawn.
Love, the wealth of a noble heart,
          darling of honesty,                                  
          words of unity,                                    
          steps of development,
          builds of creativity.
The highest definition,
       that crosses all minds,
       all bodily feelings,
       contains soul's grace.
You love, the gross gain,
                the words of dignity,
                calls of eternity,                                                           
                happiest plaza,                                                              
                no sign of harassment, no question of pain.
Love, all in one,
          the heartiest desire,
          bridal fire,
          lamp of evening,
          the temple bell ring.
A story of forgiveness,
    you teach to believe all, 
    to accept all,
    a world of truthfulness,
    that never ends.
A rarest achievement,
    priceless possession,
    blessings of heaven all around,
    no signs of hale.
The fragrance of love lasts forever,
the holiest approach we wants more and  more.

Love, the most fruitful creation of God, presence of it in one's life, removes all types of poverty and enriches his/her life with the coolest touch of peace.

With much Love,              

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