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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Theft Well Planned

This story is about three friends, carefree, doing bizarre things to enjoy life the most but ranked top most in loyalty marked with friendship or any other fronts of life amidst the so called adversities so and so........

Ya, the story moves around three friends, Vikash, Pran and Prabhu in the era of 2000 to 2002 say. Till then they had tested all the basic bizarreness. Once an idea just popped up in Prabhu's mind leading all three of them to experience a theft, a real theft. Ya can't believe! I am telling exactly the same what you are thinking. Unfortunately I also didn't believe it the first time. How come should it be real? How come their conscience allowed them to nourish such an idiotic blasphemy? But the reality behind the scene was nothing, they just thought it and started to implement it in full-fledged.

Let's come to the planning, yes a fully cold blooded planning. First they had to decide the house or the person to rob or to execute their plan with. Yes and they found it, there was a master piece, one and only the richest one in their area, their dearest Kamu Bhai. All the three of them knew Kamu Bhai well from childhood. Then what else? Obviously after selection of the person the trio were very excited to execute their plan. Then the most awaited night came. The dark, dark night, abhorring of any star light. First one by one entered the terrace of Kamu Bhai's house through a pipe, obviously after jumping the fence. Quite filmy nah? But the worst part was that it was real. Then to search the things for. I mean then came the thought what to steal, so that it will touch the owner's consent. Eventually they took small things like calculator, (scientific and at that time quite a good stuff......) pen and like such small things. But again they were not happy. No it was not working. They should take some of the favourite stuffs of the owner. Yes here came the Glittering Gem, I mean the most adored, one and only a lavish Jhula (Swing, hanged from the ceiling and one among the luxuries of the riches).Truely that Jhula was the most liked stuff by Kamu Bhai and his family, basically by his father, the master of the house. So came the successful enjoyment of the plan and also concluding part of the story. So they took the Jhula and ran away with wide open hearts to enjoy the scene in the coming morning. In the next morning, people surrounded all over Kamu Bhai's two story house. What happened? Kamu Bhai's father was shouting like anything in the loudest possible voice, " where is my Jhula, who took it, bring it back at once", like this. Here came the most attractive part of the story, where the trio were also present there to enjoy the scene, I mean to watch the consequences of their past en-devour the most.
Then after a week or so when everything cooled down to a little order, the three friends went to Kamu Bhai and told him the whole story so far. Obviously returned the Jhula also.Then what was the reaction of Kamu Bhai?? That obviously is not a part of this story. Ha Ha Ha, wasn't it funny and interesting?

Friendship is so cool naa..........Dedicated to all my friends who inspired me for where I am now and for what I may be in my future....................

With Love,

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  1. really very funny incident, reminded me of my school days when i along with friends went to steal flower in ganesh puja