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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Home-Coming

Don't be in illusion that, it is again about the superb, famous short story, "The Home-Coming", R. N. Tagore fame, one of my all time favorite. The story revolves around a fatherless boy, who terribly missed his home while staying in his uncle's house. The homesickness, aggravated by lack of love in his aunt's behavior, costs his life at the end.
But here I am depicting my feelings when I was away from my home last week for a four days official trip.  Don'd know why I was so home sick at that time. I badly missed her (my sweet home). We both were there, me and my hubby. The trip was fine, nothing serious. Not to say that it was the only occasion I was away from my home,but simply don't know what happened? Even I longed there like, "when I will go back, go back". The longingness  was there in my mind through out the trip.
    Our own home is such a thing, can't compared by any possessions as it provides you the most desirable comfort, security and coziness after a hectic day. Such a loyal friend who is ever there for us and a witness of our celebrations, griefs, gains and losses also. We can make our home heaven like with our love and care.
    Coming to my own affair. I was desperate in peak there to reach my own sweet home, to feel its warmth, to hug its coziness, to lie down with a heaven's relief. Then finally that moment knocked. We reached our gate, the main entrance gate of Anushakti Nagar, our colony in Bhabha Atomic Research Center. I just overwhelmed by the fragrance of air and its coolness just the very moment we entered. I can even sense it now also, while siting with my PC and happily blogging all the way. Here I unlocked the door and ah! I was in cloud nine, at the highest level of my dopa-mine, an ever wanting comfort was waiting for me. I just simply embraced it and all the end of my anxiety and finally I was in my home after all those awfulness. 
   That was all about my home coming. How I missed my home and finally the end of all of these. Ya something more for you my dear readers. Some clicks I had taken from my Balcony.

With Love,
My colony is just waking from deep slumber

Rain pouring over, ya look at the greens surrounding my colony

Thunder Storm

See the giant cloud over
6 O' Clock in the morning


  1. Waw..Well Described:)

    Ya Our Home is Sweet home :)

    Nice clicks:)

    Keep Blogging:):)


    PS:I am not able to Comment thru my wordpress Id(Sme Pblm)so commenting thru my Google account:)

  2. Ye, just a simple expression dear, what I felt then. You like it, its cool. I am flattered. Thanx for reading.

  3. great post ! there's no place like home! i miss my motherland Manipur most of the time :(

    1. Ya, very true, no place like our own home. Thanx dear

  4. the same is true for me also dear. home sweet home, there is no place like home,
    but for me, wherever you are that is my home