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Friday, 10 February 2012


I was waiting for my local train to arrive, heartfelt by seeing an incidence. It was simply overwhelming. There was a weeping joy type mix feelings inside me. The very scene made me to think over the generosity of some people and pettiness of some others.
          What happened, an old man was begging and hardly there was a collection of 20-30 rupees. He went to a nearby shop and spent all the collections to buy biscuits and chocolates. The old man seemed to be searching for something/ someone. Then appeared a happy smile on his face. What happened? He was there ad-mist some other beggar kids and guess what I saw? Yes you are right, he was distributing all the stuffs among them. It was noon by then and he must be hungry, but no, not a single thing he kept for himself. You may argue, what if the kids were his own? Ya, I agree it may be true or may not be. But it was not the end of his generosity. He retrieved some of the prior leftover money form his pocket and gave it to another woman who was sitting there, begging with a child in his lap. I was simply touched by the generosity of the old man. How many of us are like this? Begging for simply giving to others. Even if we have our own dump-yards but hesitate to give a small alms to others. Make out the difference. The beggars didn't have anything, even wore a torn cloth, but the spirit to help others, a heart to feel others pain and hunger, placed him much higher level in life compared to us.
        Recently I saw a movie like this. It had the same message. A short movie but with the best ever message inherent with (Simple Truths). In the movie a beggar after his begging goes to a shop to bye foods and there he helps a lady with some lose coins that she needed the most at that time. Like wise through out the movie the beggar helped like this till the last piece of coin left with him. If everybody, no even a small quarter of us could able to think like this and try to get over those petty thinking, then our surrounding will be in golden harvest of generosities. 
      Just a part of my thoughts. Thanks for reading my dear ones.
With Love,


  1. Swagatika..This post Made me think "What i am doing"?

    Loved reading it:)

    You always writing nice post:)

    Keep Blogging :)

    With Love

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  2. Ya, Thanks Sathya, Actually that incidence really made me think like this. Thanx again for your sincere reading and comments.