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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

"Dreams don't lie"

Sounding somewhat familiar no? Ya quite like, "Hip's don't lie" ( SHAKIRA fame). Ha, ha, ha, but here I am going to tell about the dreams, ya about our own dreams, that's the difference.
          In our everyday life we experience many dreams, uncountable, a very difficult and beyond our reach, a difficult task to memorize all. But have we ever thought about the real and genuine meaning of that very dream we are experiencing? Somewhat yes or somewhat no. It is very true that every dream is unique to have its own meaning. As dreams are directly related to our subconscious mind while we are sleeping, so those must have a real connections to our thoughts in subconscious, right? If we ever put an effort to unlock the meaning of our dreams, then surely we finds the reality behind it. Its just another fact in our day to day life., nothing else.
      Yes dreams are in their very form unique, i,e, no other person can able to live by the same dream we have as he is not sharing our emotions and experiences. Dreams can be from our relationships, successes, failures, illness, some desires, like this, these can be anything, but it is always within us only. Dreams are our own ID card, like our own mirror image, they define us quite sorts of ways.
           Recently my friend had shared one of his dream with me, you can categorize it in terrible dream category. He saw that he was thirsty like hell and drank as much water he can to quench it, but was in vain. Then he went to doctor, to solve his problem and that doctor gave him even a bucket of water but nothing worked, no gain. Then the doctor stabbed him with a slab to pierce on his stomach, to see what was troubling inside the stomach (only possible in dreams, otherwise no single doctor would dare to do like this with his patient). My friend suddenly woke up with an immense pain and to his surprise, he was really very thirsty and his body was really in a badly need of water. Then he drank some water and realized the fact behind his  terrible dream.On that day he just slept after food without having sufficient water, due to tiredness.
So concluding, dreams don't lie to us. They are ever there with us like our very best friend to help us to discover our true self. Of-course we need a little patience to understand them, just like one of our moody friend.
         In my child hood I had experienced a dream like this. A vast, unending deep blue sea, I am just swimming and swimming to find my destination in the holy and lotus feet of LORD. The next morning I felt very energetic and determined to achieve my goal. Even now also the experience of this dream is with me like a source of inspiration.
         So folks, have a good nights sleep and sweet dreams to all of you.
Thanks for reading.
With Love, Swagatika


  1. Hey :) Hmm Even Me 2 felt some dreams that have some connection with day to day life:):D

    Nice post Again :)


    1. definitely, our dreams are nothing but our own reflections dear.

  2. during my childhood i always used to dream about driving a locomotive. i don't know why, but it always used to fascinate me. may be it is the shear power and strength of the iron beast that used to generate a lot of curiosity in me those days. even now also i get excited on seeing one pulling massive loads and going very fast on tracks.
    may be in my last birth i was the one behind the wheels
    ha ha ha hhaaaaa..